Friday, February 21, 2014

our ancestor and the buildings part 14

Teopetra cave Greece 21000 BC Stone wall this place is so beautiful that even star God or Angels would love this place enough to make them come on down? so guess what they did we talking about Greece? where our ancestors with the super powers God like power? history book called today Myth or legend?
 You hear story like zeus old man with the God looke like? and super hero hercules who could fight the whole army? don't forget the other one Poseidon the electric warrior who could started storm? and many,many more incredible guys? you go like wauw our ancestors witness alots of cool stuff back then?
 for them it was like cinema? so at that times our ancestors didn't forget to wright all they saw down in books or rocks? but don't worry today we call them myth? sometimes when i hear the word Myth i just guess that our ancestors where nothing but fools? to wright such crazy story down?about Zeus Poseidon and others? where our ancestors drunk? or on drugs or somethings?
 these stars God,or Angels where here and they had super power and fooled our ancestors? today these stars god and angels we called them Aliens? still coming here but they don't really show themself up? and use they power everywhere? so we all could see them?
 no because human of today are not easy fooled? and we just don't believe that easy? but! in either way this was not just

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