Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 37

Tsaparang: Tibet this place could probably be millions of years old, for this country are one of the oldest culture in the world! this place was probably a bambo forest with giants mountains,or pyramids? like you see this all over the world ours ancestors did love to live in two places inside the cave, or on top of the mountains, 
Seen here ours tibetan ancestors living on top of the mountains means one thing they had contact with the God/Gods, known as the stars brothers, or fallen angels,or demons,or anunnaki,known today as Aliens this peoples are also very spiritual with the believing of flying carpet,and stuff like trip to the underworld? See the image of they God/Gods all with the Buddha look alike woman,or man you wonder how many personal was really Buddha? you guess could Buddha be an Aliens race? that did came to asia and teach ours ancestors stuff like medicinal,calendar/numbers/letters, astronomy,religion,and many,many more?
 Going back in times to take a look at ours asian ancestors you see image of ancients king,and queens with animal,or devil look alike, some with teeth like vampire with super power!
 Come across history  book calling it myth,and legend when its come to ours ancestors history, you got to understand that there is no such a thing as myth and legend? the only myth,and legend are history of today mankind. either way this was not just...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Signs of change part 5

According to the informations source unknown America,Europa,Asia,Middle easta,Rusia,Africa all have nuclear energy,or bomb that could probably wipe out this planet and leave it like Mars or something like that, for many,many years,or even make planet earth into piece of comets???? For we all know human species the moment this dangerous weapon did inter the hands of human,this world become threatening to be born,or live?
 While doing what you do no matter who you are, or what you have, enjoy your life! but know one thing the (END) of days is coming, and there is nothing you can do! don't forget there is not escape so have faith because one thing of you will survive, and that is your spirit/soul, now am sorry if this scares you but don't forget this world life of any species was not made forever, one way or a nother everything have an (END) 
Now i hope you seat back and relax because we all die someday it doesn't matter when you die,or where,or how! what we sims to forget is that it will hapen, dont forget nuke and human are not the only threat for life in this world stuff like comet,volcano,sun,weather,earthquakes,some bad ass aliens,or if earthmagneticfield goes off, no this won't do lets just realized that this world is full of danger, danger that could take life down for good while you living like an immortals species don't forget the End of Days/life can, and will come at any times...

Love marriage relationship advice part 13

Believe it or not marriage is really not important at all if your in a relationship with your partner the only thing that matters is your love so be honest with yourself,and with your partner! If in your heart you have,or feel truth love for your partner, living together with sharing your life with there is no a single paper,or anything that can be more real,or strong to justified your love than that in this world for your couples! Marriage could also be nothing but an illusion,games or bad pact.
 In the past of ancient times marriage was made without a ring,or a paper to signs, do you need to wear a ring, or signs in a paper in order for God,or human to recognise your love/relationship/marriage as a couples?? no i don't think so! you need to stay true to your heart! so who's idea was it marriage=ring=signs in paper,for the law/God?? because of that marriage has probably become a fantasy for all? When its come to 80percent of today couples the only times they realize that marriage is important is when going through divorce, know that the only real marriage with your partner is not in the paper but in your heart! you can be spiritualy married with your partner through your heart,and love that could be the only real marriage and that is also the kind of marriage that won't go through divorce, when its come to today couples heart, and love become nothing but fantasy,or a lifestyle you wonder why somany divorce??...

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The brain part 2

How the brain works? lets guess the brain is almost like the D.N.A and sometimes i believe that the brain and the dna are connected, for dna is full of informations, and so is the brain information about you, life,or universal all stuck in you. But yet you can even have acess of it! the brain works very fast, faster than time itself, for me the brain is also a times traveller tools,or organe, for the brain can go back in time and remember things that hapen in the past, and the brain is directly connect to the present at the same time the brain can go to the future.
 Are you the one that make your brain think,or is your brain that makes you think?? letting your brain think for you can leeds to depression,and many more violence, we see this in today society you need to think very deep before you do anything, and send the information you want your brain to work/think on, and make your brain works for you command! If you have being brainwashed your brain can't not think/works for himself anymore, like many human on earth you will always need another brain to command your brain, tell you how to think,how to live,how to react, you are now being controlled.
 The brain is also a talking organs for the brain talk more then your mouth do, talk more with your brain have intelligent/nice conversations with your brain, for some people don't even hear they brain talking 7billiards human on earth with talking brain the good news is that your the only one that can hear your brain talking! the bad news is if you do not listen carefully to your brain you will become a threat of yourself,and rest of the world. Imagine you could hear all the brain of the world talking?...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ufo&Aliens part 1

Ufo unidentified flying objects unidentified by whom? human see once human can't identified something its means is not there, or it don't exist? let me tell you that there is life in the universe, for there is ife in the system solar! in earth atmosphere alone are more than dozen UFO! some are for the human species, and others are from other planets in the same system solar! made by an advanced species known as Aliens these extraterrestrial beings are many differend species with uncountable flying saucers!
 They tchenology is way to advenced than the one on earth! i must said as a human we can already, feel touch, see the Aliens technology here on earth imagine all the technology of mankind as you know come from extraterrestrial species? many differend Aliens species visited/visit earth, some with interest some just to help, and are sharing they technology with human!! Know that if you are real there is no reason for Aliens,and UFO's not to be real, the peoples in charge,of power know that extraterrestrials species are real, and have probably meet somes, and these peoples can't not tell the truth not because Aliens telling them not to tell the civilians of the world, but because they don't think that the civilians can handle the truth,and also they business company like religions will fall? Somehow is like when you see an UFO believe it or not, you has being chosen by these Aliens species not everyone can see UFO, seen an ufo is like intering heaven if there is one! To see ufo is like you need to be pure, or something more than a human species! and do not let peoles call you crazy when you see an UFO, in another word if anybody believe that human species are the only life forms in the universe, please call them crazzy with two zz from zero open mind!
 If you see the round UFO these are wars saucers if you see sigars shape, these are saucers for Aliens ambassadors and governors, they goes every were in the cosmos for the meetings only, if you see a triangle shape these are on mission to protect all cosmos atmosphere from stuff like radiations, orbs like light, these are cam, or stations! if you see house like shap these are traveling saucers and inside are many differend extraterrestrials species, some human species look a like,or insects like species, some are invisible like species, not all Aliens species are bad, some are animals like species but super intelligent. Must UFO are invisible to human eye, to see Aliens/UFO it can sometimes begin with a dream?...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 21

Each of every planet in the system solar that orbit the sun is looking face to face with the sun, know that every planet, moon, stars in the cosmos have they own magnetic field that protect them agains stuff like sun flares, or space tornado and other danger from space, lets guess comet and asteroid don't have any magnetic feild that protect them from sun flares? so how comet survive in the cosmos?? comet and asteroids are destined to fall somewhere in the cosmos?, comet and asteroid are fine in space until they come closer to a planet with super magnetic field? that then pull the comet,or asteroid into an impact? when a comet is pulled into a planet magnetic field that's when the comet goes on fire because of the speed? don't forget that planet, and comet/asteroid just don't goes around the cosmos on fire? could it be that fire and gravitation don't go together?? one thing is for sure the more bigger a planet the more powerful his magnetic field?? Does that mean that magnetic field are only there to protect the planet agains sun flares?? is there a panet in the universe with magnetic field that can stop things like comet/asteroid??? magnetic field also have a strong electrical power? most of earth magnetic field energy come from oceans, and forest,volcano, plus inside hollow earth?? Are human a threat for earth magnetic field? what hapen when a planet lose his magnetic field? is there a way we could use earth magnetic field to clean earth atmosphere??...

Monday, October 6, 2014

the brain part 1

The brain of human according to the information almost every human use 5 percent of the brain? where are the other 95 percent?? see when a child is born the first things the baby do is cry, need of food month later luaghing,after love, anger for the first year these are the things the brain of a baby will develope, with the 100percent help of they parents! as a human leave child's life get to idols ages the brain already have all the things its need to know, and most of all how it should work!
 while the brain is a very powerful thing is also the weakest! for if you take a good look at human and the society, life in planet earth you know that there is something wrong? probaply is because of the teaching, of how you should think and how/what you should believe! the school with they millions program of education for the brain! plus your parents at home? all for nothing in your brain, leeds to this crazy society
 Guess if human want a perfect society and become universal beings, this society need brain program not useless education? if you want to control the population you need to program they brain first!  also know that if someone use they brain more than 8/7/10percent you can not control they brain! these things your brain know are probably wrong,you never get education for your brain, how your brain need to think,or how to use your brain, so a french less at school won't help your brain,or you do really understand your brain??? all country with money are now going for the study of the brain! but do you really need billions to study the brain??? like if there were one human on earth that could use 40/50percent of they brain, going to mars in one day and back, plus cure any disease, or call someone on the phone with your brain! imagine what the brain of a human can do if its teached well! but by whom?? wondering when will human drop down they book/history/education and search inside the brain most of children from ages 6 to 20 they brain has been damaged by school,family,internet,street,wars,religions,sex,money...