Saturday, August 2, 2014

Signs of change part 4

Forget about how old is this world, lets just think about how many civilisations that has been lost in this world? we guess they all talked about the famous (END) of the world!! but what they didn't know was that this world won't probably have no end, why? because the only way this world could have an end that planet earth no more in the system solar complitly gone is if the sun gets crazy and burn it down,while that will have to probably burn all other planets in the same system solar,or a black hole come and swallow earth, not even a big comet can destroy Earth.
 So this world could be more older than scientist think! and so life itself is older than we would ever know. The only thing this civilisations knew for sure was the "END" of they civilisations will surely be,and there it was!! why is not the end of the world? why is there only the end of life,and civilisations as we know it? 
So many end of great human being, and no one end of the world/planet?? this planet earth have been habited by so many great species, great creatures great beings like human, with amazing knowledge and every time they did something violently and make they own end! why??
 After an end the survivors always find a way to blame it on God/Gods? but don't worry because so long there will be life form on earth like human being there will always be an END why?? the only way blame God/Gods is in that part where they implant violent in the D.N.A of creature,or beings like human that makes them do things like war,and killings, its started small and gets out of control, just like in the past, and now look at the world around you!
 Do you see the end of the world coming? do you see the moon,and the sun rain blood starting the end of days??, Or do you see the great humankind starting to great and make they own end as before?? Moon,Sun,Stars please stop activating war in great humankind D.N.A its feels like another end of a civilisation on the looooose...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 35

St. Peter's Square, the basilica and obelisk, from Piazza Pio XII this is the house that supose to be there for the peoples of the world? the house of Jesus and God/Gods? all of these peoples that so called pope coming after Jesus,or descendants of Jesus? back then, and now built themself a house of God/Gods? this could probably be the first house of God/Gods here on Earth? but they didn't stop there in Rome! they build these house of God/Gods all over the world, but wait this city St. Peter's square is much more older than that, we won't even try to know how old is this buildings?, or who build it?
 These peoples go there everyday to worshiped so called god/gods? ok then you take a look at a books from 2000 years ago? years not exactly! called the "bible" you take a read a it, you come across our ancestors the Roman=barbarian warriors=armey of doom? in the bible saying something like heaven=sky,or cosmos?, you go like okk now we talking! this peoples are talking about Aliens?,
  some of ours others ancestors called them sky brothers?,or demons,or Angels? uhh so this book talking about other being from the universe? that visited/visit earth? seen this place look just like the naska line,or this place could also be the landing place for UFO?, one thing for sure this place knows a lots more about the sky than you think? either way this was not just...

love marriage relationship advice part 11

about 79percents today men/women are singles these people are often really looking for love, so why is so hard to find love??? in the world were there are so many,men/women with a heart to love one another?? why dating become so hard? even know that there is so called dating technology! don't forget back then dating was so simple and they had no technology, it was going like this back then "i love you, ok good i don't love you! that's fine i don't care! am going to tell your parents that i want to married you, and i will just married you!
 there was it you had your couple, all of these make up couples are still together till today! but we of today having it so hard to date/findlove,or stay in love, now love is like come,and go! most of these 79 percent singles are going on date with one thing in they mind, the (look) or "sexual appeal" forgething that "love is blind" most of them also don't know what they want, some of them even go back to they ex time,to time for sex! or even meet nice singles peoples but don't stay in relationship with,
 why? it could be that when you live a single life for long times it is very hard to date someone, because you were too long with yourself! so dating could also be difficult because you have one step forward and one backwards, living the life called "turning in cercles" and asking one question why can i find love? i'll advice you to take your times and think, get yourself out of the "singles for fun party", and take yourself serious feel the love...
note: sorry for the adam & eve image feel free...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 19

The universe and his uncountable dimensions in every planet alone have like 4 to 10 dimensions? in every planet with beings and life forms, having a life in the same planet trough different times? beings from the 1 dimensions are like so called normals beings! you know like human with a brain that works out of his 5perecnts and do cool things like learn from a book.
 Life in other 2,3,4 dimensions as far as it goes beings in these dimensions gets more, and more super power just not like human from the 1 dimension
 but in the same planet?
 if every dimensions hat his own universe? just like its have his own times! wauw this would be so many universe, and how many Gods? that would depend if in some off these dimensions believed, or have any God/Gods! its makes you wonder if beings from the 1 dimensions are also the same human from the 2,3,4 dimensions? or are they they descendants? or could it be these being are spirit like beings? or ghost like being??? one thing for sure this is multidimensional universe, it could mean one thing another me inside the mirror!! Imagine beings from the 4/10 dimensions they super power they knowledge and stuff they have like technology from the 5 dimensions...
Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Love marrriage relationship advice part 10

The promises! 99 percent of couples goes into relationship/marriages with lots of important promises while we all know that there is no such things like promises, some people says promises are made to be broken! meanwhile i said promise are the word of a liar,or a manipulators!  you just wait and see how you do in a situations before you promise someone anything,
 because you don't know how is going to be or how is going to happen so, (tomorrow is blind) like you promise your partner never gonna cheat, but we all know the truth you can not says if you will cheat,or not so don't make the never cheat promise, and don't believe this promise! when it come to relationship/marriage you shouldn't make any promises, and you shouldn't believe in any! i mean any promises from your partner if you don't want to end up like these 99 percent (lost) most of these partner makes those promises just to have you where they want, so when they have you where they wanted you will know!
 my advice don't take no promises, do not inter a relationship/marriage for the promises, you know the 99 percent of couples today love the word promise i promise you that, i promise you this! these partners are often known as the masters of manipulations. before you become one of these manipulator's victim know one truth thing, love can not be made a promise! love is a natural thing, not a promise relationship/marriage/love should be natural,or spiritual,or even simple...
Note: sorry for the Adam & Eve image this love/relationship/marriage are for every couples thank you...