Monday, November 24, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 23

The universe and the power of the light with your naked eye you can see the light in the sky at night time,or day time the sun give light,the moon the stars all with infinite light and colours we human just won't know, or see all the beauty of the universe ours technology is just not powerful enough for it? Human have not even see 1% of the cosmos lets just imagine the uncountable galaxies,stars,nebula,system solar milky ways,black holes,and many many more stuff that we don't even know names and we yet to discovery, there could be galaxies that are like 1000,or millions light years, with life, to reach these places in the universe human being need to know the secrets of the light, understanding the light what is the light? how the light works? why there are lights in the universe? where does the light coming from? is the universe make of light? most of all how to use the light to travels in the cosmos? because once you know how to travels with the power of light going from galaxies to system solar is just nothing at all! Could there be cosmos without the light? lets guess no! the definition of the universe could very well be electrically,and light, i don't think there could be universe without these two things there for the creation of the universe could be electrical power , and light these two created the universe the big bang theory could be wrong?...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The brain part 3

The nature of the brain is to develop, and learn from itself, a human with dozens programs from school, TV, Internet, home, street, in the brain can't  have a normal brain! Know that 99 percent of today human have dozens brain programs,or information from school, TV, Internet, home, street, these are perfect poison for your brain, but that is not your fault because once you born in this world/planet earth dozens of information/programs are been forced into your brain!
 From birth day 1 to age 4/6 your parents at home will be the first to poison,and destroyed your brain! At age 6/15 school,TV will be the downfall of your brain functioned,and that will affect your life till age 15/18 Internet, street have make sure your brain work just like everybody else, at age 18/70  society,and all these things have make your brain to work in certain ways,and believe in certain things at the age of 70/100 you forget all your brain stop working while you still alive but your brain is out that says!
 You can depopulate human on earth, or send them all to school get the best educations, or put in new world order it will not change a thing for human?? thanks to society all human brain work, and think the same way, you can even leave 2/5 human on earth it won't change a thing?? these 2/5 you left on earth will rebuild life the same as before, some things could change, the way of making things will change, and they will called it evolution? but they brain will always work/think the same way the weakest point of the brain is to teach it all useless things, or teach it dozen things! To have a good working brain you need to teach a couples of things only chose one important things like science, technology, astronomy, mathematics, or any others teach one of them to a kid of 2 until age 20 and let them learn things like they family/friend names don't forget love that could make a different human for this world!
 The brain of human is weak, and strong at the same times but the brain can't handle dozen things like today teaching goes science,history,vocabulary,mathematics,geographic, family names,toys names, and many,many more stuff that a kid have to learn at school/home these are nothing but virus for the brain after dozen books at school you still go to make your 9/10 years in university?. Imagine the brain that could learn one program from 4 to 20?...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 39

Yonaguni Monument Japan...Today mankind history is nothing but myth,and legend what was, and still the truth is ours ancestors history? today mankind have nothing real,or truth when it come to history? we can almost saids last times earth had history was like  dozens of years ago?
 Yonaguni Monument is a spaceship that has been there for millions of years? know that so called myth/legend of Japan talking about a woman coming out of the sea to teach ours ancestors of Japan the way of life,and she did teach them all they know today? you can take it as myth/legend if you want but don't forget that will keep you in the dark,and that will also help your history to repeats itself?
 Known the past history of Japan as well as today too you know that country have something something THEY don't want you to know?..
 If you call this Monument natural formation then you should also call Pyramids, Stonehenge, Carnac natural formations but then again you really don't have to take the word of expert as the truth? just believe what you believe that's all that matters in such a world full of lies, and secrets? Could be that this thing was left onder the sea on purpose after  Aliens species wars in earth atmosphere?? this could also be Vimanas, or onderwater stargates? Either way this was not just...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ufo Aliens part 3

Some peoples says i had visions of Jesus Christ and it changed they life? visions? when you hear of visions you just guess it have something to do with magic? I never had visions, what i had/have all the times are dreams just like this photo of UFO you see am going to tell you about it! Now let me tell you i have crazy dreams about Aliens, Jesus, God/Gods, friends, family, planets, nature disaster unliving peoples, and many more stuff guess what i never believe in any of my dreams, i always call them crazy dreams even when they come true. 
That night i woke up in some sort of a city a city with a building inside building in that city were species very tall species like giant invisible species somehow i could see them, these buildings had different formation and i could see these invisible beings while inside something look alike a room these species knew that i could see them for them it was not normal so they says she can help us! so i was like help you with what? where i my? what is this place? what a strange species? i had so many questions they these species didn't open they mouth to talk to me but i could hear them talking to me! I ask them what you want with me? they says we need you to help us with something they reply don't be afraid we know you we wont hurt you i said to them am only a human how can i help? they says look at that species we just need they help we need to learn the secret from them! but i couldn't ask them what was the secret they need to know? because the species that was in front of me was way to amazing to see,to look at that species could change colours in every second his colour change goes like black white green yellow all colours i know as a human was in that species, the species was very angry really mad it wouldn't calm down for them to communicate with, the invisible species told me please we need you to calm it down so i look at the species eyes and his eyes could also change colours and i said to the being calm down please talk to me the being reply no he can't i said why? he reply these species the invisible they want to know about they technology to use it for bad reasons! i ask it really? but they already know so much technology the colours being reply no his species have the knowledge of all technology in the universe these invisible species kidnapped him to learn it to sell that technology to other species all over the universe he can't not let them have it! so i ask it again sell it for what money? its reply no resources! this technology planetary gets when deserve it, or times for them to know it the species tell me to help it get out of there i said how can i help you? it says his peoples are looking for him they have a spaceship it says to me hold my hand look into my eyes you will see the spaceship you help me get there i did just that and we was inside a strange spaceship after that i woke up and i was like what a crazy dream the next day i went to take a walk with my photo camera when i look up in the sky i saw something so i started to make pictures of the sky for i was so sure i saw something i ready saw before like a deja vu when i got back home and take a look at my pics from computer i saw the same spaceship from my dream i was like it can't be this was what i saw in my dream last night! I my just start to believe in my dreams...

Love marriage relationship advice part 14

Once you fall in love with someone you really have to ask yourself is this really love that i feel? how long will this love last? is there a way love can be forever? just don't forget one think "where is love there is hate" so be very careful with falling in love! make sure your love don't turn into hatred 90 percent of today couples love turn into hatred why? because of the lost communications? or is the society to busy for love? could it be the society turns peoples heart to cold to love? 99 percent of today couples stay together for one reason SEX? other 80 percent could stay together for another reason KIDS? if having sex,and kids/children in your relationship means love then there you have your meaning,and reason for love!
 Do you know of any couples of today that stay together without having sex,or children in they relationship?? there are probably 2/3 percent couples that stay together without having any of these things that stay together for true love these couples are 70 to 90 years old the truth is that there is always a reason for love! When two peoples fall in love with each other,and decide to start a relationship these two are betting in something very powerful something they can't control the outcome, some peoples do believe that they can control love! Know that love is good towards your partner but at the same times love have a darkside because love have the power to come and touch you very strongly and it goes without having mercy! You know what the rain do to the sky befor it rains? its first darkened the sky then rain, after raining its clear the sky, but love first clear the heart after love turns into hate its darkened your heart...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ours ancestors and they buildings part 38

Temple Mount Al-Aqsa Mosque? this places could  be millions of years old, accordings to the myth, and legend of ours ancestors something was up to no good here? The good knews is there are no more God/Gods amongst human of today, and these story are way too old too long ago? the bad knews is that human of today still believe in these storys/myth/legend? In times of myth, and legend this world had magic great magic power that was brought here by the God/Gods? and share it with ours mortal ancestors? in times too many Gods/God did came here to earth and each of these GODS had they own ambitions, somes with bad intentions? for exemple these two temples have two different God/Gods that did visited ours ancestors?
 What is really the meaning of God/Gods? is he an entity? or a beings from elsewhere? all we know is that God/Gods is some one with great power like magic,with the ability to give life or take life?? something, or someone who want human to worship it/him, pray, give it/him sacrifice?? call those who do not believe it/him infidels? the one who created earth, universe the creator of all?? according to the bible somes human are his chosen peoples? and have the promised land? these peoples really believe that no person should inter these temples because they are sacred? so who was the peoples/person that build these temples?? was they sacred?? or the Gods build these temples?? lets try to know what ours ancestors says that the Gods/God are from or coming from? ok the place called Heaven so what is heaven? and where is heaven? according to the bible heaven is a holy place up in the sky! ok the story starting to get clear according to the bible wroten down by ours ancestors from what they witness the Gods/God came from the sky too! now its get even clear ours ancestors witnessed the power of the Gods? and even saw they vehicle known today as UFO?
 Ours ancestors forgot to ask the Gods/God where exatly was heaven in the cosmos? like is heaven a planet? or galaxy? or system solar? or is heaven a black hole? or nebula? back then ours ancestors didn't even know these places,and names in the cosmos? so at least modern man should know the meaning when its come to God/Gods=coming from the sky heaven? that it could be,or it must be other species of the universe that visited/visit earth, with great knowledge of technology? and was miss interpreted as something magical untill today human still worshiping these Aliens and taking they landing places as sacred,or holy places,even killing each others because off??? Unbelievable! Either way this was not just...

Monday, November 3, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 22

The universe with his strange places, not far from home there is something something strange like a lake of fire, luckily it got a name known as the sun when i see volcanic lava makes me imagine what the sun could be like? its makes me wonder if the creations of a planet could start with the sun super eruption? like every billions/billiards of years the sun gets giant eruptions and the sun flares become like frozen in space there is where you got the birth of a planet? 
slowly this flairs become big once big a planet get cooler outside, and the inside stay fire alike that could explained volcanic lava? just like when a mother give birth to a child the child have d.n.a of his mother could volcanic lava has information of the sun,and the creation of the planet?? if this imagination is true it means one thing that there are uncountable system solar in the cosmos,the creation of the universe started with the sun,the sun created planet stars the sun after billiards of years become black holes, black hole gets bigger and goes erupt explode like you never imagine that is what called the big bang? and created more universe, now it makes me believe that there are more universe so like every galaxy have like 10 to 50 system solar its mean one more thing the sun can give birth to planets through sun flares, at the same times with more powerful sun flares, the sun can also destroy planets when the sun turns into a black hole all planets in the system solar could become death stars? going more deep with my imagination the last weeks the sun has go through some  eruptions with incredible sun flares ahead of not only earth but all planets in the system solar are in danger? known that the space is full of stations/satellite what protect them against stuff like sun flares?...