Friday, November 6, 2015

The Universe the birth place of life part 27

The flat universe all planets in the universe are flat. Been flat for the planets is the only way to maintain your position in the universe as anything like stars or what so ever, protect themselves against stuff like Solar Flare, comets, and even space tornado, been flat for a planet, stars, even for a galaxy is an amazing shield to survive in the milky way.
 Know that space, milky way, galaxies nebula's, anyway the universe Is a very dangerous place, scientist believe that planets like Earth are round and turning! Ok but really going with my imagination In one way I thing that If planet Earth was really round and turning been round and turning In space I believe that It would make any planet a target of stuff like solar flares, comets and many more, all would be so easy to hit and damage the planet so my guess is that planet shield does not protected a planet from solar flares, nor comets meteorite, or what so ever if planet earth was really round and turning she would be heated from solar flares and comets all the times.
 My imagination make me believe that planet earth and stars all of them are flat even the universe itself planet earth Is flat and going like flapping that Is the way she survive in space against stuff like solar flares comets and more about the way If solar flare are so powerful why they do not burn down all the comets in the solar system ?...

Friday, October 23, 2015

Love Marriage Relationship Advice part 17

Love how many of you believe love to be a good thing, free, and for all ?? Love always comes with the price.
 Let me tell you for someone who has feel love several time love is like a pact with the devil, and most of the times when you believe to feel it often It proven you wrong.
Love if we wasn’t in a fantasy world love shouldn't be for all! Why simple! Love is very dangerous, it comes like a thunder, and it leave like a thunder, you know most peoples when they fall in love with someone they never listen to they heart.
Pay close attention what exactly going on in your heart at that very moment, do not believe at the famous fantasy word of today "I Love You"
 90% of couples today go for it and goes like this what I feel is soooo good, and powerful it most be true love.
 Forgetting that true love doesn't come powerful like a thunder, or what so ever! When you inter love,marriage, relationship there are important questions that you most ask yourself like is love really a healthy thing, most love feel so powerful at the very beginning, most love be noisy ? ? ? knowing that it touch most of your important organs like heart, mind, even your weakest part your body.
 How you know your love,marriage relationship will last long ? You know it at the very first time you fall in love with your partner it shouldn't feel too powerful the first time, love that will last long shouldn't be powerful at the beginning it should be at the good middle of the relationship after spending a good times together.
 A healthy love shouldn't be noisy meaning don't tell millions times "I love you word", and don't question, your partner's feelings, know that when two people love each others there will be fighting times,to times but it most stay reasonable to maintains the balance of love "Good, and, Bad" the truth origin of love.
 after my experience love can be very healthy,and love can also be unhealthy! True love is peaceful, silence like a lake to experience it in today's world you most be about 70/80 years old, for now let hope I get there...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cosmic Law & Religion part 15

The Cosmic Justice is the religion of all species in the universe. You see it in planet Earth everything gets the cosmic justice and most of all you see it in the milky way, were there are uncountable death stars, even dead planets you see planet like Mars and, many more had more than life as we know, or as we imagined but somehow gets cosmic justice.
 Don't fear sun flare because most of sun flare that travels in an uncountable speed in cosmos don't get to go too far that just for one reason "frozen" most places in the milky way are frozen! not only planet earth get to see the light of the sun but all planet of the solar system, get to see and feel the Sun.
 Solar system is like a spider nest like the Sun is the spider, and all planets around it are the nests, no matter how big is the nest of the spider, the spider is connected to his nest, know what happen when the spider is gone from his nest soon the nest begin to broken now let guess planets are not turning, but the sun his going forward, and backwards the same direction everyday with the same speed.
 The morning sun is to remind all species of a planet like earth one thing called the "Beginning". The evening sun is to remind another called the "End", everything have the beginning and the end!.
 Most civilization did chose to worship the Sun as a God/Gods for one reason we are all spiritually connected to the sun, just like we're spiritually connected to planet earth, the activities of the sun affected planet earth, plus planet earth have species like human that are not connected to earth,nor the sun but connected to materialism of both?? and cultivate dangerous activities to weaken earth magnetics fields?, let just said the combination of a species like human and the cosmic body/objects like the sun, are greats resolve to a planet's doom, In the future planet earth will receive the cosmic justice...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

UFO & Aliens part 8

Could it be dreams are the memories of an abduction ? or every times you having a dream your mind is travelling in some other dimension than the one you live in. 
I was in a strange farm house with my family when went outside near the rod I saw something strange a man was taking pictures on the side rod was with his son and, a pick-up and I went closer to see what he was taking pictures off there were five light being like greys and they were talking to him he did not listen to them, so they took his camera and started to beat him up, and it was really violent! the man took  his car and left, crazy because after the man has left I could see into his life he didn't remember who he was for tree weeks after tree weeks he started to remember about some things they did to him.
  there were two species of males and one female, two like kids when they where beating the man only the two males was using violent the female didn't participated nor the kids but the kids were like ayaa,ayaa saying it with they hands up to the male to beat the human man up.
 they all were so ugly the female had breast like human large eyes short harms compared to the males the males, were so ugly like so old and scary scary! 
that I could feel my body in fear they all had they legs like human but long fingers, and by the end of their feet was like ducks, they where on the mission they had something like a machine standing on the ground I could see it but I don't find anything on Earth that I could described it with, and above on the air not too far they had another thing like a wheel of a car with holes on it a flying disc colored like grey and black, in between the one on the ground, and the one in the sky was an energy like green blue light in the middle, and both side white! it looks like it was sending something from the ground to the sky, more up deep in the sky they were a big spaceship that was build very strange like round shape but then a disc in a disc like a spaceship within a spaceship.
 By the times I was screaming they saw me and was immediately with me I said to them stay away from me your very scary don't touch me! do not hurt me but it was already too late, they where already all over me, it was like they were in another dimension then the one i was in, that is how i was seen them but ad the same times they was with me in my world.!
 I asked them why our you doing this ? what you want ? and they reply we work more in the night time because we do not want human to see us and bored us  we are only interested at the planet earth, the ground is why we're here I said let me go then! what you want with me?
 they reply you contacted us with your mind! we knew you could see us and I said I didn't! they said yes!  not everyone can see us because they're afraid to see us but you wasn't your not afraid of us, I reply yes I am! your very ugly and scary, how can I not be afraid of you ? 
look what you doing to me and they insert something long in my back like a needle that had a liquid in it, the liquid went in my back and their pulled it out with another liquid of my back, and put it inside something like a bottle, and give it to the kids, and the kids says thanks papa! this one is good one!
 I said oh is your kids ? he called you papa he reply yes but don't make kids like you human species does, we take part of my D.N.A abet from me and abet from my wife, and we make our kids the way we want!.
 I said oh so you have wife too? it reply only female and a male can mix d.n.a and created a child that will have both parents in them for long long time, if the parents come to die, with d.n.a of our child they could remake us and we can be just the same as we were before.
 I said to them do you make love like we human do? they reply look at us we do not have the same organs like human! saw they did not have any sexual organs, I said so you don't have sex ? they said not physical sex like human, we use our mind to make love so I said you don't touch your wife then he reply yes with my mind! that is why we took abet of you to make a mix with abet of us and created another species, to study physic and mind human use physic more than mind.
  I noticed that when they where talking to me they had small mouth their mouth didn't open while talking the female voice was more like singing and male voices more like machine and kids voice more like sound of rain, I woke up with a crazy pain in my back, crazy hun...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The universe the birth place of life part 26

The Sun is the center of our milky way it doesn't mean that there is only one sun in the milky way,  
The traffic in the  night sky stars, galaxies, planets, and many,many more all moving like crazy in an uncountable speed, at the same time there is no speed in space so what make the stars to move so fast in the night sky ? every times stars move from a place to another they also goes into different dimensions so our Universe is a dimensional Universe so are all the stuff inside the universe 
   All planets in the cosmos all have magnetic field the sun include! see the sun created magnetic shield for the hole solar system just like spiders nest how cool ?  those planets moons are all in the solar system for the sun to  feeds on them?...