Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Not long ago i realize that dreams are not what we think most dreams could be abduction sometimes ago i had a crazy dream i finish pray like every night before going to sleep not long after i woke up in a strange road with a lots of peoples from everywhere around the world standing in the big road forming tree line! line of peoples of all colours with animals i look at peoples around me but no one talk all looking down 
when i try to ask them something a voice come from nowhere saying to me speaking times is over i look back and frond the lines of peoples had no end no beginning, left and right the world was inside watter Somme's peoples was under watter but the road had no watter so i look up i saw the light picking peoples up one by one and i saw something like a big spaceship sending that light that pick peoples up in the sky when it was my turn inside the spaceship that look alike an house but a house upside down inside all kind of species animal like beings human insect like beings and one giant being seating in a giant chair like a king i walk to him even though it was very scary scary to look at or to go near but i had to know what was going on 
so i ask It the giant being why all this peoples human are been taking up the sky to stay inside this spaceship with all this animals insect and strange species ?? It replied there are not such a thing like human the name you call yourself is wrong! All species from the universe are all called Animals but you who called yourself human believe Animals is bad and human is good! you even called other animals from universe Aliens you eat other animals species because they don't look like you! you become something that's not mine, I take what is left mine! so i replied oh so who are you you must be God ? It reply God is what you called me but that is not my name !
 I said are you the one that created all this ? It answers yes! so i ask it again what is your name ? It replied i have no name for myself! i says why ? it replied i couldn't give myself a name ! i created all of this and am still creating many many more! i ask another questions is this the way you want it to go on earth ? it replied sometimes not only on earth it doesn't go the way i want i can always undo i keep some things and destroy some things!! i ask one more question It replied times is near for the blind earth to see! i woke up sweating it was still night i was so afraid i started to pray what a crazy dream...??

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our ancestors and they buildings part 40

The Nubian pyramids Sudan Africa this place could be hundreds or millions of years old even more older than the Giza pyramids ? according to modern man history book ours Africans ancestors were nothing but cave man jungle desert savages ?? seen these pyramids you wonder if history book could be so wrong ? or you take another guess that could leads you to the real builders of these city's the first real human ours Aliens ancestors the visitors ? you realize one thing we are all travelers visitors to this planet earth! The builders of these pyramids could also be the same that did build all pyramids around the world all these places were once home of the Gods ? know that these were very powerful country back then today they are the weakest? is there something human did bad ? and are still doing wrong till today ? for every powerful country will become weak soon or later? powerful country like these always meet the greatest fall, or completely disappear just like Atlantis and many more ?? seen the Nubian kings they look just like the Egyptians pharaohs this place could be the first real home of Egyptians peoples the real Egyptians are then black skin peoples ? until the Arabians and the Romans arrive and took over ??.
 Either way this was not just...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ufo Aliens part 4

How many peoples today on earth having encounters with Aliens ? many! The bad news is that the world called them crazy, the good news is that these peoples are not crazy those peoples with encounters are very specials peoples just like those in the past of ancients times if Ezekiel or Enoch was peoples from modern times with they encounters we read today in bibles they would called them crazy too! even though history tell us about UFO and Aliens some UFOs called Vimanas, other Aliens called stars brothers,  Annunaki and many many more names, but history chose to called all of it Myth Legend  know that the bible talk about many encounters but don't use the name UFO, Aliens but use the name God,Gods heaven=sky the question is why the bible is not called myth,and legend? why so many peoples believe in the Bible's encounters ?
 Some peoples encounted UFOs and Aliens in they dreams but really believe that it was nothing but a dream it looks like a dream but is not really a dream these Aliens make it look and feel like a dream while you don't know you as a human have something that interest these Aliens species these Aliens knows one thing we don't! that is human species is on the blink of extinctions human species is all near the end of existence they want to save human species but not as you know they take the d.n.a and small part of organs of some peoples to create an hybrids species of have human have Aliens that could continued live in planet earth after what is coming they put implant in your body to know where you will be when time come, for it will be very difficult for human as you know it to live on earth i can't tell you what is coming for planet earth all i know is that i and you we wont be able to live in this planet when it happen but human hybrids something like mutants will. Not all Aliens that come to earth are interested in human must of them don't care at all...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 15

80% of couples says the word "I love you" these peoples don't even know the meaning of the word but yet they pronounce it every day does these couples feels the need of saying the love you word ? or could they feel obligated to said the word ? or could these couples believe that when you says to your partner that you love them dozen times a day its really mean you love them ? most couples that says to they partners i love you often these peoples has never been loved before in they life for most of these 80% of couples end up separated, or divorce.
 lets see the source of love itself where we all first feel love, or know love ? for every human being we first meet love with ours parents inside ours mothers womb so there for the source of love is with your mother, and father and these two will be the first source of every ones love, so can we says only a father,mother knows what is love ? or could feel true love ? no these are different kinds of love but the base of love started there. in case of love marriage relationship is almost different in the way that you will have to do certain things with your partner that you wont have to do with your parents, but at the end it will all means "LOVE" crazy hun ? some peoples says there is never a reason to love someone ? its means love can't be a reason we all believe that love is a feeling a feeling we feels in ours heart that could be the reason love has become a fantasy and probably has lost its meaning and power ? meanwhile i said there are billions of good and bad reason to fall in love, or love someone the list is very long if you want your love,marriage,relationship to last long or so called forever make sure you meet someone who's have a reason to fall in love,or love you about 20% of couples today have true good reason to love they partners and these are the only couples that don't go trough divorce separations.
 each partner that has went trough divorce,separation knows how hard is it to start your life all over again if you has been divorce, or separated one, or many times in your life I'll advice you to fine a very good reason why you need to star your future relationship if you want it to last believe it or not you need a true good reason...  

cosmic law & religion part 13

All planets in the system solar have life not only in the system solar but all over the universe each and every planets have life form in his own ways Somme very intelligent life forms or Somme just like human ? most planets have water know that the cosmos universe is full of watter. 
Human nature could be dogma and theology it makes them believe that planet earth resource are to sell between them for they own good ?? even when is bad for the future existence of mankind and earth in the cosmos to survive ? while we all know that earth don't need mankind for his existence in the cosmos the mistakes leads them to believe in moving to other planets in the system solar in case earth dies burning, or dry out ? the question of what if we are alone in the universe ? and the teaching of "we are alone in the universe" make mankind feels like Gods, or superior beings ? it could also give them the right of moving freely in space. Many billiards years ago ancients home of mankind was once planet mars ? seen the perfect desert of planet mars we all could guess how these human did chose dogma, and theology it makes you wonder the look of future earth if there will be any ?...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The brain part 4

Each person have the same brain wired,installation,formation but different functioned.What is the limit of the brain functioned? lets just says the brain have no limits in fact the brain could be infinite, know that the brain never gets tired, and the brain don't sleep so if the brain don't sleep what make you sleep then? the brain makes you sleep, and make you wake up in your brain system there are many natural wired that you can't control like the sleeping one lets just says the brain is full of wired that could make you do things, and not been able to control yourself most of all it depend on how your brain was trained lets take an example with a baby a baby don't know fear,racism,sex, religion,hate,killing,love,anger,sadness and many more.
the brain of the baby will develop these things with the help of someone,or something but that doesn't mean that these things are not in the baby's brain, all of these things are in the brain of all human.Understand one thing in the brain system there are dozen wired good,and bad for every wired that makes you do certains things or think certain ways there is also an opposites wired of that one in your brain this give your brain, and yourself the perfect balance of how to works things out, for example in your brain there is the wired that makes you angry, nest to it is the one that calm you down, the wired of hate,nest to it is the one of love,the wired of believe nest to it is the disbelieve one, the sexual wired nest to it there is an opposite one, and so the brain goes with every thing in life is up to you how to use these wired in your brain i hope when you steal,rap,kill and they catch you, don't said i could stop myself,or i didn't know what to do believe it, or not there is all in your brain just try to activate... Note please don't forget am not an expert...

Monday, November 24, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 23

The universe and the power of the light with your naked eye you can see the light in the sky at night time,or day time the sun give light,the moon the stars all with infinite light and colours we human just won't know, or see all the beauty of the universe ours technology is just not powerful enough for it? Human have not even see 1% of the cosmos lets just imagine the uncountable galaxies,stars,nebula,system solar milky ways,black holes,and many many more stuff that we don't even know names and we yet to discovery, there could be galaxies that are like 1000,or millions light years, with life, to reach these places in the universe human being need to know the secrets of the light, understanding the light what is the light? how the light works? why there are lights in the universe? where does the light coming from? is the universe make of light? most of all how to use the light to travels in the cosmos? because once you know how to travels with the power of light going from galaxies to system solar is just nothing at all! Could there be cosmos without the light? lets guess no! the definition of the universe could very well be electrically,and light, i don't think there could be universe without these two things there for the creation of the universe could be electrical power , and light these two created the universe the big bang theory could be wrong?...