Friday, November 6, 2015

The Universe the birth place of life part 27

The flat universe all planets in the universe are flat. Been flat for the planets is the only way to maintain your position in the universe as anything like stars or what so ever, protect themselves against stuff like Solar Flare, comets, and even space tornado, been flat for a planet, stars, even for a galaxy is an amazing shield to survive in the milky way.
 Know that space, milky way, galaxies nebula's, anyway the universe Is a very dangerous place, scientist believe that planets like Earth are round and turning! Ok but really going with my imagination In one way I thing that If planet Earth was really round and turning been round and turning In space I believe that It would make any planet a target of stuff like solar flares, comets and many more, all would be so easy to hit and damage the planet so my guess is that planet shield does not protected a planet from solar flares, nor comets meteorite, or what so ever if planet earth was really round and turning she would be heated from solar flares and comets all the times.
 My imagination make me believe that planet earth and stars all of them are flat even the universe itself planet earth Is flat and going like flapping that Is the way she survive in space against stuff like solar flares comets and more about the way If solar flare are so powerful why they do not burn down all the comets in the solar system ?...

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