Friday, October 23, 2015

Love Marriage Relationship Advice part 17

Love how many of you believe love to be a good thing, free, and for all ?? Love always comes with the price.
 Let me tell you for someone who has feel love several time love is like a pact with the devil, and most of the times when you believe to feel it often It proven you wrong.
Love if we wasn’t in a fantasy world love shouldn't be for all! Why simple! Love is very dangerous, it comes like a thunder, and it leave like a thunder, you know most peoples when they fall in love with someone they never listen to they heart.
Pay close attention what exactly going on in your heart at that very moment, do not believe at the famous fantasy word of today "I Love You"
 90% of couples today go for it and goes like this what I feel is soooo good, and powerful it most be true love.
 Forgetting that true love doesn't come powerful like a thunder, or what so ever! When you inter love,marriage, relationship there are important questions that you most ask yourself like is love really a healthy thing, most love feel so powerful at the very beginning, most love be noisy ? ? ? knowing that it touch most of your important organs like heart, mind, even your weakest part your body.
 How you know your love,marriage relationship will last long ? You know it at the very first time you fall in love with your partner it shouldn't feel too powerful the first time, love that will last long shouldn't be powerful at the beginning it should be at the good middle of the relationship after spending a good times together.
 A healthy love shouldn't be noisy meaning don't tell millions times "I love you word", and don't question, your partner's feelings, know that when two people love each others there will be fighting times,to times but it most stay reasonable to maintains the balance of love "Good, and, Bad" the truth origin of love.
 after my experience love can be very healthy,and love can also be unhealthy! True love is peaceful, silence like a lake to experience it in today's world you most be about 70/80 years old, for now let hope I get there...

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