Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cosmic Law & Religion part 15

The Cosmic Justice is the religion of all species in the universe. You see it in planet Earth everything gets the cosmic justice and most of all you see it in the milky way, were there are uncountable death stars, even dead planets you see planet like Mars and, many more had more than life as we know, or as we imagined but somehow gets cosmic justice.
 Don't fear sun flare because most of sun flare that travels in an uncountable speed in cosmos don't get to go too far that just for one reason "frozen" most places in the milky way are frozen! not only planet earth get to see the light of the sun but all planet of the solar system, get to see and feel the Sun.
 Solar system is like a spider nest like the Sun is the spider, and all planets around it are the nests, no matter how big is the nest of the spider, the spider is connected to his nest, know what happen when the spider is gone from his nest soon the nest begin to broken now let guess planets are not turning, but the sun his going forward, and backwards the same direction everyday with the same speed.
 The morning sun is to remind all species of a planet like earth one thing called the "Beginning". The evening sun is to remind another called the "End", everything have the beginning and the end!.
 Most civilization did chose to worship the Sun as a God/Gods for one reason we are all spiritually connected to the sun, just like we're spiritually connected to planet earth, the activities of the sun affected planet earth, plus planet earth have species like human that are not connected to earth,nor the sun but connected to materialism of both?? and cultivate dangerous activities to weaken earth magnetics fields?, let just said the combination of a species like human and the cosmic body/objects like the sun, are greats resolve to a planet's doom, In the future planet earth will receive the cosmic justice...

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