Saturday, January 16, 2016

UFO & Aliens part 9

  • This is a true story. It started when i was about 4 years old i was speaking a strange language that none of my family could understand, and peoples was laughing, at that times my mother was still a live and she was saying to my sisters and brothers don't laugh this is not good, and not normal and they would just tell her chill mom your girl ain't not normal, it didn't stop there about the time i was 7 years old i would see strange species in my dreams i would tell my mom who was very religious and she would tell me don't tell no body about ok i was like ok.
  •   One night i went to sleep i was then 8 years old in the morning they would find me sleeping outside of the house sometimes my mother friends would come to bring me back home and tell my mom hey your daughter came to my home last night so i let her sleep by us and here i bring her back to you, but how come you let her go out alone in the night?? my mom would said no i didn't she was really sleeping in her room last night so and they would go like yeah right, from sleeping in her room to my house that late night ? 
  • I would have crazy dreams that come true and i would tell my mother she would tell me don't tell no one ok they are just dreams i was about 12 years old it went on and on, my mother took me to the doctor and the doctor toll my mother that don't worry your daughter is just a sleep walker!! she would be fine!  but when i was about 13 my mother took me to a priest back then it was a powerful priest that could pray for peoples so i remember going inside that church and the priest would put his hand on my head, and the other hand with a reed bible and pray, before he started he took my hands and asked my mother are you sure you want me to do this? and she was like yes! after when he was done he said to my mother now is done! It wont happen any more! 
  •  A year later i went to the beach with a girlfriend it was about 4 in the afternoon once at the beach my friend said to me that she had to go back home i said to her ok i stay one more hour or so! then i leave too time went so fast no even long after it was night i said wauw this is strange already night ? i guess i most have stayed too long in the water so i said to myself i have to go home my mother going be afraid again, ok i started to walk home after about 10 step from the beach i got a strange feelings this was not a dream! that was a real live event so i saw a strange light i was like cool light that car has, so that car,light stopped abet far from me and i didn't even pay it any attention or what so ever! before i know a strange man was standing in front of me with human like form but so white that even his hair was white like in the dark where he was standing was all light something toll me that that is not a human it most be a ghost or something.
  •  He then said hello i reply hello i said to him are you lost or something? he said no! he just want to see me i said me really ? he said yes! i said why ? he said he was asked to visit me and he being visited me since i was born! I was like really?  where ? he says everywhere! i said where you live? he reply far away! where i live you can't go there with your body! at that very moment i knew am dealing with a ghost! but at the same time i asked myself when does a ghost drive a car ? 
  • He said to me come with me in my car i said for what he said to talk i said sure why not? no even a second we was already in his car once inside the car the smell in the car was like the same smell that is inside the air plane i was like what you want to talk about?  what is your name? he says his name was George! i said why your that way, i never saw someone like you so where you really come from? he says again faraway! i said no name of the place ? before he answered i asked him can i touch you am curious so and he said yes but your not supposed to touch me.
  •  They send him to me but he most not touch me i said too late i just touched you, i said how is like where you live? he said they are the light beings! so i said to him so your a ghost then he said no he come another galaxy i was yeah sure your amazing nice to have a friend like you and he reply am more than a friend to you i was oh really ? i don't understand! he said that is not the time yet i reply ok and he said he have to go he's being called back i said ok, but i will surely come back all the times I was with him I was so good like I know him since forever it was so peaceful  he then asked me if he could take me back before i finished saying yes he was already in frond of my home.
  •  I get out of the car so i walked home my sisters and their friends where sitting outside of the house and i tolled them you guys will not believe what just happened to me, did you guys  saw that car that just dropped me off?? they look at each other and started to laugh at me and i remember my older sister calling my mother and saying to her hey mom your daughter is hallucinating again, and all mocking me, so i really asked them if they really didn't saw it?? their says no their didn't so i looked back and saw nothing! 
  •  But i remember when i touch him my body feel strange about 11 in the night i started felling very strange not cold not hot but really strange at that time, I didn't tell my mother, early in the morning my hole body was paralysed! everyone was just asking me what the hell is wrong with you? stand up and walk stop joking around! and I said seriously I can't walk any more after a day and have they took me serious at home, and my mother took me to the hospital! their took my blood, and did all they could do but nothing the doctors could find anything! after  two weeks they tolled my mother that i would never walk again after like month in the hospital my mom took me back home with the wheel chair I never wanted to seat on it was too expensive for my mother anyway.
  •   The good thing about it was that my mother was still a live back then and she took care of me! my sisters didn't even care at all! all of the times  my sisters were calling me crazy with your crazy dreams and sleep walking you deserve it! you are just not normal! I remember my younger sister that was one year younger than me telling me many times that I was not even my mother's child and that I was not her sister  as a little girl i would cry and asked my mother if it was true but to tell you she never says yes or not so
  •   Was paralysed for 2 and have years at that time I understand that what happened to me back then with that light man was not normal it has turned me that way!  so I started to called the name he toll me and asking him to come to help me! I didn't want to stay that way for ever one day i was left home alone so went to sleep and he finely shows up! and he was so beautiful with white hair and really white skin not like white you know but really white you never seen before, whit blue eyes really blue eyes he tolled me that the energy from his body has paralyse me I said I get that and for so long he then said no is only been a week since he lasted visited me I was like nooooo! years! and then he said he would come back the next day I was walking and my mother and my sisters was like oh my God she walking mom take her to the hospital this is not normal! or take her to the priest! and I was like no no more hospital and priest just leave me be am crazy anyway! since my hole family was calling me crazy all the time and, they were like oh no how is this possible? peoples were telling my mother your daughter had a miracle! when I was walking peoples where looking at me everywhere for years until we moved again so because my mother was a single mom I never knew my father so we was moving from home to home and from a country to a country I never really had a place I could called home. 
  • The last visit at day time with these light being was in june 2013 I was in home with people and no one saw a thing but me the only different this time was that I was not paralysed after it, and the beings was a female.  TO BE CONTINUED.

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