Friday, January 29, 2016

Our ancestors and they buildings part 42

Originally the disk or globe symbolized Nibiru, Anu’s home planetoid. known that they are coming back see together with our ancestors their wanted to leave messages behind for the future generations to come! Know that ours ancestors were very concerned about the future generations.
  They didn't wanted us to called their history myth and legend so they did all their could, give up their special home land for those monuments for us to remember, but hey maybe there is something with modern man and history. Guess what when modern man call a place the promises land most of the time the promises land is no there or when they said holy land,or place most the times is not there??
 Because they will never tell you where is it exactly? most of the time holy,places or what so ever are always very very protected? that you wont never hear of them? 

To ours ancestors holy places,or sacred places are where stars brothers did landed for the first time, and they did build the monument together with those today known as Aliens help just for one reason! remembrance ours ancestors the Inca people were very amazed by those stars brothers/Aliens see the walls of the six monoliths is one of the uncountable places on earth with greats encounters whit the God/Gods, in the future will be known as Aliens.
 But then again if you could just ask yourself one question see most of the monument of ours ancestors and Aliens all around the world are all the same in different places, so how does ours ancestors from African,Asia, America Persia, even some in Europe are all build the same ? six sense ? Or travelling capabilities?
 Back then millions,or uncountable years ago? and most of the books tables stone writhing stated the same things ? am not in denial I give credit to ours ancestors for demanding those stars brothers, today's Aliens for supporting on the mimed of what they saw, so we the future generations won't have to called their writings lies, or myth legend for that and more, I respect and love some of ours ancestors.
 Either way this was not just.

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