Friday, March 11, 2016

The brain partn 6

I wonder what is the system? is the system your brain? or is you the system? the brain how your brain affect your day time life? lets know that how you live your daily lives determined your personalty, your limit of brain power your educations, and most of all your evolutionary as a human being talk more with your brain just like you do with any body we all know that in some situations we has hear many people saying the word I did listening to my brain, your brain is really talking to you no matter the times,the places, you have to talk back! 
Most the time the brain cheat us when it does the talk,the listening,and the action at the same time, though we all know the brain can do the action when it come to human mind the brain have the power to make you take action on any though his giving you, you will just react on the the power though know that human species/being/race don't really have the power,the secret ability to fight ours brain maybe one day but now we're losing ours time pasting down ours stupid knowledge to make the so called system/society/history goes down the same way as always seen today society you know the brain is doing to human the same thing it did to our ancestors millions years ago the same uncountable way as always this teaching may be bad for the chosen brain.  
What does human brain does better then other species on earth? one thing for sure the brain is the most powerful computer on earth unfortunately no one, or nothing on earth can teach you how the brain really works/to use it.

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