Friday, February 28, 2014

our ancestor and they buildings part 16

Our ancestor in the Hittite empire back then 1600 to 1200 BC?and then again another city of the storm God? most i believe this as the myth again? according to history book everythings about our ancestor is the Myth? so how most ones believe that this earth we are living had once the God walking on it?
 but when you see today human now on earth there is not a single God walking amongst? or been born? may-be is not sometings for the human as we know it? but these Aliens Gods where real? believe it or not they where here and they had fun? the strange things is that in every empire off our ancestor they talking about these Gods?
 so a question is how many Gods are there in one universe? but one thing for sure they where here? in either way this was not just 
 Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you!!!

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