Saturday, February 8, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 8

The universe no matter how good are sciences here on earth they will never tell you how old is the universe? just like they could probably guess how old is planet earth? in the universe there are galaxy! each galaxy contens 12,to 40 planets? not all galaxys have the stars like sun? some have and some doesn't?
 infact earht and all of the planets wish are part of the so called system solar? everywhere you see planets serroundings a star like sun in the universe is a galaxy? earth and his closest planets are in the galaxy of the sun? and all of those planets have life just like else where in the cosmos?
 full of life!
 life is the meaning of the universe every planet have life unless it has been destroy by the inhabitants? by ignorance of war? ons a planet distroy like Mars? probably! there still be natural life forms like oceans,forest,worms,or bacteria? it will take a planet millons,& millions years? before any other life forms like beings 
could use it again?
 planet like Mars had ons life like beings? but they destroy it with ignorance of war,or a comet,or science? human can't not live in volcanos planet,or gas planet,or water planet? it doesn't mean that other life forms are like human? human are the only weekest life form in the universe? but not the only mortal? some beings from somes galaxy have the immortality but you have to earn it?
 Part 9 coming soon..

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