Thursday, March 27, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 6

Today couple are having a bad time to have a long time relationship/marriage. Guess 89 percent of the relationship/marriage are separated because of the cheating, about 99 percent are living with the lies must of the time called solitude, going into the relationship just because you don't want to be alone,or afraid to face the world alone! often leads to a cheating relationship but that's not the only reason why cheating is part of today's relationship/marriage don't blame internet, for your cheaters partner believe it or not 80 percent of the cheating are happening at work between colleague cheating can also come from he/her friends, infidelity can come from anywhere any time, with any partner just but that's not really infidelity's fault probably the needs of affections there is not care, she/he gets very boring all he/she cares 
about is his/her work she/he is not even listening to me when i want to talk all he/she talk about are work,or friends we both works when we come home we are very tired so when the night come we just sleep! In the week end we go to visit her/he family/friends we don't even make love any more is been 6/7 months since we did any things you know we have the kids and we have our day time job but i think she/he is cheating!hmmm of course what you expect? this love,marriage,relationship these couple have all the reason to cheat!
 You see every love,marriage,relationship have the flame burning, you know like the olympics flame it make the relationship sexually hot! when this burning flame goes out then everything goes out love,marriage,all goes out that is when thy infidelity flame goes on, must of the time when marriage come between love it always switch off the sexual flame off! and the couple goes like yeahhh now i have her/him don't have to keep the flame burning at all wrong very wrong! some couple after marriage keep the flame burning for about a year, or two may-be tree but must of time somehow the flame goes out and these couple have one way to goes on or may-be two very well known as faith, or fear or the kids,sometimes even the job she/he does makes them to stay together! "True love also help the flame to keep burning but,just but don't dream too much, we all know true love is hard to find but it does exist" just act like the marriage everything is just fine, or make your love become true love my advice don't ever let the flame goes out you know how...
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