Saturday, March 29, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 14

The universe and the lost souls, Earth is a flying spaceship where all the lost souls goes? a station for all the lost and travellers souls? a place of second chances for souls? "redemption world" 6/7 billiards humans with all travellings souls with each his own purpose and a destination? but somehow we forget it all by the time we arrive on Earth? we take a body that goes inside our souls a body that will accompany as during our living in the station? we also been given a woman that will delivered as trough her womb with the help of a man? you see these two species are here to accomplish this work mysteriously? and these two individual won't even know where these souls they are been brought to life are coming from?
 its born small and beautiful they called it baby these baby are with not a single consciousness at all? but they souls are there?
 the soul  has travels the universe trough galaxy and cosmos from all the planets the baby soul is not tired not young and not old? in fact the soul can live 100/1000 off years? in another word the soul is immortal! but the soul is lost it have a new body new family it will have new life? by growing up the soul lose his purpose, conscience,and reason all gone? once grown up the soul learn every things all over every things the soul knew from where it come from in the universe all been forgotten?
 sometimes you pass someone by you like where do i know him/her from? or sometimes your so good with one person? while that's because all these souls on Earth are coming from different planets and galaxy? all meet each others here on a redemption world? but you do not know who is from your past world, the mysterious  trip make you forget about it all? some souls are lucky to meet another soul from they past world from the universe could be any body but you won't even remember them? but when our body die our souls goes back home to the cosmos? you my even not seen your love one again because your souls are not coming from the same planet in the universe? it remind me of what Jesus says "woman don't cry for me" there is a beautiful planet where all good souls goes where all love ones meet but to go there be extremely conscience! until then the lost souls will always travelled the cosmos...

Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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