Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 32

Grand Canyon this is probably the place with more than the truth about humanity? the beginning, the creations, and most of all the end as we know it? for ours ancestors the Hopi! probably the guardian of the secret,or the truth of theses "They" ours creators? 
billions,or millions of years ago when they first came here on earth? this was probably made by the creators off humankind, ours ancestors the Hopi indians called them "Stars Brothers?
 they were tall peoples like beings and very dark skin also very spiritual most of all they knew everything like medicinal,languages,writings,planer,culture,song music,respect for the nature,technology,astronomical,knowledge to see into the future,past,present? and they past it all to ours ancestors for the future generations to come!,
 But what "They" wasn't was religieus? until the european went? and so called discovery America? and with them they had religion? and most of all european had the End of the Hopi Indians so called Native American?
 it was the great beginning of the end of a great knowledge for humankind,and civilisations of humanity?
 The good news is that ours ancestors left image and story about these Stars Brothers some in wall and some written down? today called Myth by history book? for today the remains of the Hopi Indians have one things left faith,or hope for the return of the STARS BROTHERS? for "They" will put things in order for all humanity? either way this was not just...
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not expert thank you...

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