Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 34

It was a good times for the Anunnaki beings here on earth? Between 950 and 1150 Khajuraho, ancient Kharjuravahaka! at the same times when you hear about ours ancestors=divinity=Godly=sometimes,barbaric? and you know back then you could even talk about sex,or what so ever? but then again you come across something like this with incredible erotic image? with ours ancestors completely into sexual desire? and amazing positions with woman, and even with animal,horses?
 The wall of this temples is fascinating! it makes you rethink about ours ancestors, seen life today you realise humanity long walk of shame,or long walk of sexual life style? an imaginable life styles back then? Or this could also be the temple of the Gods=Anunnaki Aliens, was teaching ours ancestors sexuality? you know these God/Gods did teach everything we know to ours ancestors? so this was a school for ours ancestors sexual languages school? seen these guys with horses you wonder if this was nothing but Erotic art school?? with amazing positions?... Either way this was not just...
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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