Saturday, January 25, 2014


   As a human and any othere things in the planet earth are born with not a single things and die with nothing, this is how it started but in the beginnig human will not accept the way it was, or the way it was made to be,or it was a bad idea? 

To start it this way??  So we human refusing to be defeated!!! First the history book called it evolution?? 

But meanwhile the evolution of this just stop there??

    At that time millons of years ago the animal where here and they just accept the fact to stay this way?? Only human evolution was big?? It get to this??

But it din't stop there, sometimes i hear people saying that we human are worse than animal?? So my question is what have animal done so bad?? To this world than we human do?? And to each other?? We kill, rape, hate, lie, steal, manipulate, destroy the world for the sake of our ignorance and the need of more,  more, more oil, gold, money, technology , medecin, high buildings, politics, job, weapon??? More war like this?

But yet we has never go on war agains any colony of the universe,or galaxy?? No! only for our little tiny earth?? And if we break it in millons of pieces will the party be over?? For us all??
 So many pain, suffering, misery,and sorrw?? In this world? For what?? For whom? What is the reason of all of this??
 Sometimes I hear of people talking about end of days sinds i was like 7 years old but nothing hapen, so what hapen when all nations go down on they kneel and pray for god to come back now,or to stop this all will it work?? Does god knows that it is not going good here with us on earth?? people talking about wake up?? The truth is we are all a wake!! Have more love in you, and pray...

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