Thursday, February 27, 2014

cosmic law & religion part 5

Cosmic religion is nothings like the religion on earth? but is in the same place earth his in the cosmos? see that earth religion is about people going to the church,mosque,or temple? and these religions are not really natural spiritual? these people meet in this places and pray they God most of them pray God for money,work,health,protections against evil and many,many more things?
 Could this have nothings to do with religion? religion should be something natural spiritual? and natural spiritual is not about praying or going to the church temple mosque? natural spiritual is within you? by getting in contact with your natural spiritual self is the way to talk,pray or be with God? praying is not part of the cosmic religion? cosmic religion is more about natural spiritual with meaningful feelings in one's heart soul and mind?
 Cosmic religion goes with one word "LOVE" know that love is a natural spiritual thing that transcend a personal God for all beings in the cosmos? and a natural spiritual love is what humanity need for a meaningful unity? not religion as we know it? 

Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you!!!

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