Tuesday, February 25, 2014

the universe the birth place of life part 10

See that the universe,the space is a very clean place? of course there are some asteroide,comets debris or what ever? do you think they are small pieces of planets that can't grow? like small stars that want to become planets? but don't have they chances? so they are stars floatings around the cosmos in every directions? or that the creator of the universe put them there for fun?
 know that not every galaxy with its 12,40,even 100 planet have a star like sun? but all planets in the universe the ones things that they have in common is Stars? you can see the stars everywhere in the universe in space? but what they all don't have are comets debri asteroide? this thinsgs are made by planets wish are at war? so they are piece of war planets? but some galaxy know how to clean those comet from they atmosphere? so is not like these comets have any use there in space 0 use but danger for the closest by planets with no high technology? and these comet will never become planets no even within millions of years? but they will allways be there?
 not every planet have the moon? is probably somethings from the galaxy of the sun? but not all planet around the sun have the moon? a planet with the moon around tell you that there is life? and that doesn't mean that a planet with no moon don't have life? a planet with the moon means that there is life as we know it? that goes for the sun too? but in some galaxy they have somethings different then the sun? and the moon? but they have life?
 There are so many different languages in the universe? but the most beautiful languages is from the galaxy of the music? there they speak music? but with sound only music with not a single word? there is another amazing galaxy the galaxy of Angels? there are Angels with all colours? and they all live happy with each other? see that earth have a lots to learn? all human are the same? but different souls? each person on earth have a soul? but your soul is not from earth? your soul come from another galaxy? but your body is from earth? you can call human the soul travelers? because human can't not travel the universe with there body? like others beings like aliens do? human can only travel the cosmos trough the souls?...part 11 coming soon

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