Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cosmic law & religion part 3

The Cosmic law could be just like the 10 commandments? but for the universe and galaxy and every planets? infact they are law in space things like you shall not pollute the atmosphere? you shall not use weather as a weapon? you shall not use the energie of the Sun as a weapon? you shall not invaded another planet or galaxy? you shall not use atomic bomb? you shall not kill your own kind? you shall not destroy your planet? "you shall not drink beer in space" LOL
 for the creator call him God if you like he creat planets for reasons and planet earth is part of someting very big? human are not so good with law? therefore alots of sciences is highden from human? Human shall not gain immortality?
 human is an temporarily beings that shall live in the dark with is mind before he get to his spiritual soul? you shall love one another. Part 4 coming soon

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