Wednesday, February 19, 2014

our ancestor and they buildings part 12

Here we have anothre city Göbekli Tepe in the middle of no where 10th-8th millennium BC? an amazing city this place was probably built by dinosaurs, or Aliens? after all is hard to believe our ancestors=caves man built this? see that there are alots off lezards image on rocks there? could it be built by lezsards?
 was this place a mosque? could it be the city of the stars God? that come to mine gold? back then may be the one that ezekiel talk about with the flying saucers wheel,after wheels? he saw? the middle east is also the place where it has been so much encounters with Aliens? back then called Angels? or the Gods according to the bible?
 One thing for sure this was an interesting times for our ancestors? sometings history book call the myth hapen here? in either way this was not just...Part 13 coming soon

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