Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 9

We human on earth are living in the universe yes in deep,deep universe some people while living on earth they don't understand that we are really living in space? somes people think that they are living in the ground? that earth is really in the ground and that the sky is above and beyond them? and they are onder the sky? let me keep this simple human you are living inside the sky actually in heaven?
 meanwhile you are making earth helly places to live for yourself?
 infact earth and the 12 planets are actually the worst galaxy to be born in? the universe because of they love for war? you see there was once a big war in the 12 planets? Mars get really hurt? back then at that time Saturn had no ring? they built the ring of Saturn for protection? agains they enemy? Earth lost his gravitation around him?
 while Venus are the war masters? but earth have to stop they war and get together?
  one world governments is good for this world? where there is no more europa,asia,america,africa,middle easta, australia russia? country name become like citys name?
 and make the law that human don't go on war agains each others? and called it planet Earth? that is how it is in all planets in the universe?
 all human must become ones very soon? there is a war in the universe in all galaxy? there is no more war of planets,agains planets? the only real war now is galaxy agains galaxy? Earth is part of the 12 planets? in some planet children don't spent they have life time on school? like children on Earth do?
yes they give them education but not with 100 or 1000 book? like on earth? in some galaxy children are pilots doctors soldiers? children can be anythings? human earth have a long way to go but there is no time? Part 10 coming soon

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