Friday, February 14, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 11

Not far away in India you see the Ajanta caves? you start wondering this people our ancestor in India by the time they find this caves in the middle of no where they didn't have to look no more for a place to called home? at that time it was only a cave a simple cave for spiritual people?
 so you wonder if they built this places with they super power spiritual mind? without moving fingers?
 we guess they had no tools? could our ancestor be innocent here? now i know that i am not going to use my ignorance or eggo about this? let me see what my imagination says? first i'll take a look at India so called myth?
 oh it talk about star God, oh uuuh flying vehicle, atomic BOMB, super power weapon? wauw! according to history book our ancestor where caves people? could we just called history book the one that we all learned at school History book of myth?
 for there is not such things as the myth? i know that human want to be pride for our ancestor and the buildings? that they left behind around the world? but at the same times called the wrighten myth? or legend?
 The reason why we don't find any tools that built these is because when Aliens where here they built these buildings looke like they own flying vehicles? for themself to live in? while they where doing what they come to do here on earth? but if you ask me why they couldn't live in they own UFO? i could tell you that Aliens couldn't lande on earth ground?
 because of the high radiation on they flying saucer? that could probably kill everythings on earth?
 so they had to protect the world? so these buildings look just like they UFO? pyramid looks just like UFO too? when they where done they left with all the tools? is not even like Aliens need any tools to built anythings? it was for the best for this planet? but don't wory we human of today we got the recipe of the atomic bomb,flying stuff,weapon and more?
 but you know those recipe are not just myth like all other things they glam to be?
  they are serious toys? hey look around you we are playing with them? In either way this was not just... part 12 coming soon

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