Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 10

Just think about it all this people knew was sword? and living inside cave untill one day this guy had a great idea about building this? so called the great wall? could it be that at first he just wanted to built the road? but road that no cars drive through?
 or could it be the dragon from his dreams? know that our ancestor had to built this so called great wall with no tools? in times of war? for what? for whom? what is really the reason? in the land where there where millions of people with no home?
  this could probably be the gate between Heaven and Hell? see that this wall are very well built untop of the mountains?  very good place to be face to face with the Sun? know that at that time our ancestor back then and now worship the Sun? could it be the wall built by Aliens the star God as a stargate? either way this was not just... part 11 coming soon

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