Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 9

Here is where you have another city of the southern Africa telling us that it is probably about 250,000 years old? wauw oh no,no,you are not even going to think about that one! don't mention that liar book that dreamer book so called history book?
 we are not going to read that book ever again? here we have our African ancestor so called monkey= homosapien people? from back then 250,000 years ago from Africa? in the jungle eating uncooked meat? but yet building these city? onder the orion's belt?
 such an amazing building built by homosapien=monkey guys hun? so a question here for history book how old? no how long have human been on eartha gain? before or after the dinosaure or was they living together?
 you can go to sciences for help with this for an answer? but meanwhile this was probably a laboratory for the annunaki Aliens star God? where they was mining gold at that times? they took homosexual man for sorry homosapien to make them into workers? to mine them gold?
 no guess again if Aliens had to mine gold they had the technology machines? for that but they did give human some knowledge? but you see that this place have somethings to do with the sun God or star God?
 In either way this was not just... part 10 coming soon

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