Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 6

Then at the time you take a good look at this so called Pyramid is the time you start wondering how my ancestor where just cave man or jungle man or desert man? with no tools? there is where you stop thinking of our ancestor or you first take a look at they story wrighten in some stone or books?
 when you come across something like the builders of this pyramid called the stars God one of them known as kukulcan? then you go ok, my ancestors are innocent here? you hear things like the guy kukulcan could come out of the head of a snake? you go like wauw coming out of anaconda's head?
how cool!
 that was probably a very good chaman or he smok some good stuff? nevermind, you start readings some stuff like sun his also involves here? oh numbers are involves too? it content 365 steps? like days in a year? you go like now we are talking!
 there you have your prove our ancestor are realy innocent? because back then they didn't give a damn about times or days? why would they? they had no appointment by the docter,or to go to work or school? life was not so ridiculous back then?
 lets take a look at the name of they pyramids Kukulcan star god come from the sky? went back to the stars? infact kukulcan was not the name of that guy? kukulcan was the name of his galaxy where he come from? just like this

Teotihuacán City
Teotihuacan the name of a Galaxy where the stars God come from?

Tikal the name of a Galaxy where the stars God come from?
Pacal votan name of a Galaxy where the stars God come from?
The star God had to have a place to live in? while they where doing what they came to do on earth? so they build this look a like the home from they own planets? and name they city they Galaxy? and took the human for they survants? and give the human some knowledge?
 when they went back to the sky they promise the human to return? somes days after a while the human wait for abet? but some human decide to go back to the jungle? and in either way this was not just.
part 7 coming soon...

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