Thursday, February 6, 2014

cosmic law & religion part 2

For today religion meanings is not realy clear to the human? for human name religion means believe in God or pray to God? the creator of the universe known on earth here as God? i sometimes think that God is a spiritual things and not a beings! there for God's real name is the Universe? don't forget that the galaxy the cosmos and planet are all inside the universe? and therefore everythings in the universe is a natural spiritual things?
 God universe is in control of all things and communicated with all things through spirituality? we human forgetting that we are part of this natural spiritual things? the only way we could have access of the cosmic religion! wish is the only real religion we need on earth? is when we start practicing our natural spiritual? it should help us transcend our personal God?
 through peace and love? helping us to get a meaningful unity to represent earth in the cosmic religion and to be accept among all nation of the universe? as the great human? that is something for the far future? because planet earth his and has allways being in the mess? for human to get there God universe gonna have to reboot restart planet earth like he has did many times in the past? part 3 coming soon.

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