Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 5

By that times all this people knew was hunting and dancing? while living a very peacefully and harmony life  in the jungle? sleeping untop of gold and oil? without known what to do with those things? before the spanish arrived? this is what hapen? way before back while this big family was fishing in the so called lake titicaca? with not clothes on? just like they still doind today?
 anyway nevermind,that day so called sun eclipse hapen while they was busy? at day times the light went off so they get so frightening? they run back into the wood? and look up when the sun eclipse was gone then guess what they sow the first invasion? before the spanish?
 Lots of flying sauce? known today as UFO? what so ever that was come down name back then the star God? known today as Aliens? they couldn't believe what they was seeing? but the star God could speak they languages? and of corse they knew all of this people name? they where the God once this people hear they name being calling they dicide to come out from they hidden places?
 and the star God says come follow us they brough them into this place where they build this city in second? and tell them to live there? but like in the bible what god did to Adam and Eve gives them the garden but the frobidden come with it? so this star God did the same to this people?
 Teach them more cool stuff like how to kill a dinosaur? and more other things? but of corse the forbidden too? then they took somes gold with them? they left back to the stars?with the promesse to return? only  if we can trust you with this knowledge we gieves to you?  but as you know we human are not so good with the forbidden stuff?
 So our ancestor did somethings they shouldn't do? but they didn't get away with it? that's why they where distroy? but somes of them survive? and kept the knowledge? but a very good times later the knowledge gets in the bad hands?
 you know we are doing somethings bad too now? when our turn comes will somes people survive this time? history reapets itself? in either way this was not just... part 6 coming soon

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