Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 4

In a land far,far away but yet so close here on earth as you see the sun waking up in this beautiful ruin? in the middle of no where east asia Cambodia at that times this place was probably nothing but full of water and trees? then you start thinking like this place could probably be a flying vehicles? brought here from the sky? by the star God?
 And put in the best position ever amazingly beautiful the sun wake up and chine through the city? as you know this people had nothing to build this city? they spirituality mind probably leads them to build this spiritual city? you wondering the pain and suffering this people went through? by building this! know there was lots of wars and killings at that times?
 Could one place be that spiritual through killing? was this place for the kings and queens? or home for the people? or a praying place for the Gods? see that there are so many characters on the wall? some called angels? or some humanoid looking like? the work of this people is just amazing! in either way this was not just part 5 coming soon

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