Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 3

Imagine this place back then a mountain in the desert in the middle of no where? when people from, we could say Jordan was crossing the desert looking for a better environnement for they kings and queen of corse for the people too! arriving in the beautiful place like this? at that time this place was probably not like this it was probably nothing but a mountain cave in the desert?
  while walking truogh the desert fallowing they Sun God guarding them through the journey as you can see that the sun wake up in this buildings? as they arrive they all kneel down? and scream thank you heaven thank you heaven? for this place we shall make our home? they fall in love with this place? and went inside the cave? through the night the king sow the light outside and fallow with? guess who he sow the star God in a spaceship? known today as Aliens? our ancestor encounter is best known in the bible?
 At that time they called them the God from the heaven? because they come from the sky? and teach our ancestor what they must and what they must not do?
 Until we stay doing what we must not do? and distroy it all we are good at it? we did it befor we will do it again? at least our ancestor left us they ruin? and we make it a tourist places so am wondering what will we leave for our children? will they be visiting new york,paris,london,hong kong,dubai within 3000 years from now? we don't care we would probably make an artificial city soon or later? in either way this place was not just... Part 4 comming soon

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