Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 7

In planet Earth we are so many differnt people? so called white,black,asian,arabian? separated in so called country? meanwhile we all live in the same planet Earth? but it was a good way to keep human apart from each othe? not to be one very good manipulation? instate of calling you human they called you by your colours in today world? you don't even heart the name human all you hear is black white asian arabian? or they even called you by your religion beliefs like muslim guy or any other name? 
forgething that planet Earth is inside the universe just like other planets and galaxy all in one universe? the universe have everythings in him or her? i sometimes think that the universe is a femelle beings because she gieve birth to the galaxy man! and man are hard beings just like galaxy? so everythings must become one here on Earth in order to be part of the high beings? first take away the name difference is not part of the universe?
 the universe is like planet Earth everythings in earth are part of earth separed per distant and times? only times is the only thing that separed in galaxy and planets nothing more? just like time changes from asia to africa and the time different tell you the distant of the place? so in the galaxy time tell you the distant from a place to the other?
 The universe is made by time and distant all in one place know that the planet are all turnings but they are not turnig with speed? but with times know that there is no speed in space? you do not need oil to go around with your vehicle in space,but gravitation?
 Sometimes you could think of the universe as a calm place very still almost nothing make noice there? is like when you put a leaves in the flooding water it doen't make any sound? but if you use time to trevel in space just like you use the light you could go in second to any galaxy? know that time go fast in space and time mean speed? but energy speed not fisic? know that one year on earth is may be one second in space all because of the gravitation? part 8 coming soon

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