Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 2

Our Egyptian ancestor probably didn't had any cave to live in? or from the cave they took the idea to build this? so called Pyramid?then at that times imagin them living inside the tent with kings and queens? of the stone age in the desert in the middle of no where? with all of the storm?
kwikly somebody had to have an idea to build this pyramid and where? if yes why the triangle shaped? with the position of alignment with orion belt? plus the statu of the humanoid in front? looking like the bodyguard have lion have black man? he could be Osiris sun God? the pyramid build in the orion belt to show where he come from? and you see this with the human of toda trying to mimic our ancestor by building stuff like the statu of liberty, the tour eiffel and many,many more sign? pointing out the heaven telling you to look up? nothing is down here is all up there?or off respect to the star Gods?
 The Egyptian today are very proud teaching they children at school that they ancestor build it this? and believing that they are the only life form in the Universe? forgetthing that planet Earth himself is standing in space refusing to adknowledge the so called the myth wrighting  down in the book left by they ancestor?
by the fear of the credit going to someone's else out there from Orion belt, or Andromeda,or any other Galaxy? the truth is good to be a lie? either way this is not just... part 3 coming soon

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