Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings

Our ancestor first went inside the cave to live? then one day they had a great idea to go to the mountain and build this city? so how dit they get water? they had to go down the mountain to get water? and food? or that mountain had everythings? but may be it was a good idea who wants to live down where the flood can catch you? see it now with today human with they high buildings? could it be that this people had to go to build this city and live there because it was the place they uncounter with aliens? the place they meet the star beings? or where they could pray and see the sun God? either way this was not just... 


  1. I read that they built the city on a lower level then the mountain rose afterwards to it's present height.
    Perhaps Earth grows.

  2. Earth grows perhaps from a small planet to a big one? who knows! what science says?