Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Universe the birth place of life! Part 6

The Universe and the twelve planets from the system solar?
according to the sumerian there are twelve planets? as a child i grow up in the middle of nowhere while my mother was taking care of me by herselves allways talking about the sun,the sun this,the sun that.
   I was like what i are you talking about? and she replied the sun tell me if my plantation will be good this year or not!
 Ok i was to young to understand,or ignorance of the 21 century girl?
 To know more from her as i get older i beginning to think about it, you know the sun give life to Earth? and more the sun is life? life for the world? the door between heaven galaxy and our world?
 and the sun is the twelve planet called né-bé-ru known as nibiru? when i was young i called the sun the eye of God see that the sun has being worship by all of our ancestors like

The Sumerian worship the sun?
The Egyptian Osiris worship the sun?
The sun god of Babylon worship??
The Mayan worship the sun?
 The Aztec worship the sun?
Catholic Religion worship the sun?
Could all this be nothing but the myth? if so, just like the human of today has put surveillance cameras? to see what you do? could it also be that God put the surveillance sun? as the camera to see what the eleven planet and they living in there do?
so behave yourself? be good do good all the times? because no matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what you do, in this world something is watching you? Jesus was the son of God? he was the sun of sun? God is real like the sun you see in the sky? have more love in you! Part 7 coming soon

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