Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Universe the birth place of life part 5

The Universe is a place full of life! you can see it for yourself just take a look at planet Earth? infact there is life in the universe and galaxy i say this because there is life in planet Earth and planet Earth himself is part of the Universe.
Just like many more other planet and Galaxy in the cosmos by looking in the night sky you can see that the stars are a full of live?
 why wouldn't it be life out there beside on Earth? sometimes i hear people talking about sacred places here on Earth but if here are sacred places? Don't you think that the Universe himself is a sacred place?
 Is Earth the only special planet in the cosmos? life out there is just not what you think as a human? What about your imagination there are so many difference life form here on Earth?
 So are there in some galaxy it could even be invisible life? one that live with they spirit? And don't need a body? Or have like natural life form? just like ocean or forest or rivers? who feel and think and love?
Who survive only in very hot places or very cold places? who is very intelligence? and have super power? or have high ability to live anywhere? by the controling of they brain?
 What hapen if we human had super power like controlling your brain? 
Think about it no,no imagin like when your dursty you want to drink water? you just drink it with your brain,or when you want to eat? you just eat with your brain if you want to make a phone call? you just call with your brain if you have to live in cold you just do it? with your brain if you want to talk? you just talk with your brain
 Human super power is in our brain? but we don't know how to use it? So we create money to have some power? have money is our super power? for now is that a good power? or stupide power? you think about it
Part 6 coming soon...

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