Wednesday, February 12, 2014

our ancestor and they buildings part 6

This island probably had 100 to 1000 people living in it at that times? known that our ancestor in a island in the middle of ocean with no forest and no tools at hand? telling me that they build this? it could be very difficult for me to understand? but then again this statue don't look nothing complitly like human? they are all not the sames length? but they all look a like? all looking into the sun God?
 This star God where real beings? and not statue? cover into stone like statue? they are called the watchers? they give signal from easther island to the space for Aliens? easther island is the best place to put your signal radio to reach the space?
 first this biengs had to take away the forest that was there and make the island into the station to suck the energie out of earth? this statue are the God for our ancestor they had to kneel down to pray them back then? either way this was not just! part 7 coming soon.

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