Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our ancestor and they buildings part 7

See that this place called stonehenge was built probably 4,500 years ago? we are not sure? our vikings ancestor from the caves had to built themself a party place? back then a place in the middle of no where? with the open sky where they could light the fire at night? and drink some beer? oh yea to make out with girls? after war they would put they sword in the middle with blood on it? and partyyyy? nevermind!
 Of corse not by taking a very good look at this place one would see that our ancestor had nothing to do with?
 this place is way more older than our ancestor? see that this place go face to face with the waking of the morning and the evening sun God?
 Stonehenge and other stone buildings on earth? are the place to suck energie from earth to the sun? know that the sun give energie to earth and take energie aswell from the earth?
 the star God had to built this place all over the world for a reason? know that you find this all over the world this could also be a stargate for Aliens?
or a times machines? what it could be sure here is that this stone places have something to do with the Sun? either way this was no just. part 8 coming soon

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