Monday, March 31, 2014

Cosmic law & religion part 7

I guess the way science knew how life was evolve on Earth was trough the DNA? dna of a piece of a comet rock,or deep cave, or ocean, even human/animal bonds?  but anyway! it was a good way to start to understand life here on Earth? not only here on earth also else where in the cosmos? i believe everything on earth have a DNA?  in fact  everything  in the cosmos have the DNA ?to be part of the cosmic religion, or to understand God you need to look deep in the DNA in all dna on earth and the cosmos?
 trough the dna one could also know the creations of the universe? the one who will unlock this code in the DNA will become God him/herself? one thing for sure it won't be human of today? for now it is the only thing that make other beings from the cosmos busy? these beings known as Aliens there are all going around the cosmos like crazy looking for the way to unlock the code in DNA to understand everything? these estraterrestrial are even coming to Earth to unlock the mystery behind the creation of the universe? thinking it could be with tha human beings/animals? but they are very wrong?this information could even be in the soul of anything but how to have the DNA of a soul?? of any soul? the soul is a secret thing it could countainer great informations? they wont so bad to unlock the mystery and be the masters of the universe? imagine been the creator of cosmos imagine you seating above the universe and looking down and seen all the cosmos,galaxy,planets,comet,black hole and etc...
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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