Thursday, April 3, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 15

The questions his where is the above the universe? what is on top of the universe? is there the top,the middle,or the down the universe? if yes what is there? and where should we started to look? I often imagine all of these things! imaginations can take you far beyond knowledge? by the time you imagine something like the universe, if you ask questions imaginations would take you from questions,to questions non stop you would feel like you don't find answers for your questions? by the moment imagination start in the system of the brain, it works fast than time itself?  that's because imaginations is something very big and deep? that it take you after questions to questions without you known that you have find an answers inside your questions
 but i guess the person with imaginations is very difficult to understand than the person with knowledge? it could be because imaginations works in your deep brain system a spiritual natural thing? thinking is part of imaginations? but the person with knowledge is easy to understand he/her knowledge was put in they brain often have prove of what they says because they only use the part of the brand that was programmed by they teacher? but if the person mix knowledge with imaginations they could become like Albert einstein, Telsa,zachary sitchin, and others greats? even beyond them? Today people with knowledge don't understand imaginations? often refuse to use it, or see it as something beyond knowledge? must of them are also very close minded people? for example when you tell them that there is life else where in the universe other beings with life as we know it and unimaginable life forms for the human brand to believe?! when it come to the universe you shouldn't use unimaginable as a word because nothing is unimaginable in space? they will tell you that where is the prove? and if you don't have any they would call you crazy? because they brain was programmed to works with prove? but don't worry the future generations within 100/1000 years would get there...

Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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