Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 3

The fight and violence in my relationship/marriage? everyday is shouting at me insulting beating up all of this in front of the kids,or we don't have any kids! but the fight and the violence are there, before all this our relationship/marriage was perfect we has had wonderful years together, or i must say it was not easy but it was ok she/he can be very calm person and sweet loving at the same or we both easy going people,or loving,or hard,commending and demanding at the same, very strong and weak! when he/she talk i talk too, it get out of the hand violence come in and everybody get involved his/her family our friends neighbours! how we get to this what must he/she do now? we want to save this relationship/marriage! but how?
 Let me try to tell you something in a relationship/marriage there are two people not one! and this two people are very equal! in order to have a peacefully couple both have to have respect towards  one another, when one talk the other one have to learn to pull back and listen to the other! give way time,to time be nice, but that doesn't mean you have to take the beat all the times
 a relationship/marriage is not about two kings,or two,queens! is about two individuals people that love each other, and love is not about war! love is about peace and happiness! people of today talk a lot they don't let nothings goes by, they talk a lot and that destroy many couples, people from before did last long in they relationship/marriage because they didn't talk a lot and they accepted mush then we do today! in case of a relationship/marriage with kids that live the violence at home, I'll advice you to try to let go of your determination power and try to reconnected with your family doing things together, let go of the world affairs take your family close to the nature, get away from the house, have fun near the river,lake,ocean,forest mountain side,do this time/time reborn together with your love one, and enjoy life, have a nice time with your family that is what that matter the most! the time you lose by fighting you will not win it back, before you know it will be too late! 
When you realize you don't have 100+ years here on Earth! do the best thing your heart tell you to do, and stop listening to your brain, your brain could be  deceived thing...
Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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