Tuesday, March 4, 2014

our ancestor and they buildings part 19

Again in India the land of Vimana? according to history book the so called the Myth or legend? it make you feel like our ancestors where allucinating? with they story of Vimana and flying vehicles? and stuf but i'll not take history book version? i'll make my own guess? and use my imagination? and believe in our ancestors, cause our ancestors did live together with Aliens? take a look at these kailashnath temple no doubt when our ancestors first inter this caves it was alredy something special for them to live?
 yes here i believe history book for teaching us that our ancestors where caves man? but not like this cave? here we have an abandon vehicle of extraterrestrial? or these Aliens did built this just like they flying saucers? at that time our ancestor couldn't believe it? just like we can't believe these structures? but one thing for sure our ancestors are innocent here? for now i'll give Aliens the credit in either way this was not just 
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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