Monday, March 3, 2014

Love,marriage,relationship advice part one

When we are looking for love some people always says am looking for the perfect one,or my soul mate? the one who is just like you? the truth is that no one is just like you! in relationship there is no one like you know that if you go for the one that just like you in relationship! you my end up not happy couple at all, just because if you go in relationship with the one that like you, you will not see the person in relationship with you at all! you will only see yourself and not your partner so you my end up in relationship with yourself! and that could be very boring and some time disappointed!
The true relationship or marriage that could last longer could be with someone you have nothing in common with! like when you meet someone try to accept him/her the way they really are, see the good and the bad in them and learn how to use the good part off them! and learn how to help them to live with they bad part of them self! as for nobody is perfect!
 make sure not to culpabillise your partner for they bad part do not be silent do not talk to them when your having a fight in order to help your partner for the bad they do in your relationship talk to them very peaceful! and talk to him/her when you are doing something fun or happy or making love, use emotions to make them listen, don't talk too much one or two words at the time have faith in your relationship or marriage! love,relationship,marriage requires faith,attentions,and hard work to last forever. part 2 coming soon
Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you.

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