Sunday, March 2, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 11

The universe what was there before the univese? according to religion God creat the universe? so people goes like oh yeah who creat God? this is the all times debate? imagine that before the universe there where nothing? so my answer is nothing created the universe! wrong? guess again ok guys we all know nothing created nothing right? always someting or someone created something?
  so who created human? God? and who creat God? a simple answer another God creat God? and who creat that other God?
 ok this is not going no where? let see life on earth to understand this questions? on earth always someting or someone to created something? according to sciences a metiorite come from the sky and fall onto earth and make life as we know it? accidently nobody knows?
 you see something hapen for life to be on earth may be this make my answer for the famous question very simple? what if the universe was created by someting like a metiorite that come from a nother universe and fall onto this universe? oh this will make us think that there are many universe? and people would go like and who creat that universe? and that universe, universe? and what was there before? oh this want do! i have one more! before the universe there where an empty space? witout even a sky on it just like an empty bottle?
 but know that the universe is a round thing with all the cosmos galaxy planets inside? we do not know the outside of the universe? we don't even know the inside of the universe? how would we know off what was there before? the universe is infinite? so may be there is something or someone outside the universe that we don't know off? something that we don't have a name? or the look of how it could be but his there?
 the universe has always been here? simple! before the universe there where the universe? and something that your mind will never understand?...

Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you

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