Thursday, March 13, 2014

the universe the birth place of life part 12

The universe was not made out of nothing because nothing is made out of nothings? know that the universe is a spiritual place with magical things in it? infact everythings is magical in the universe? but not hallucinations? everythings in the universe is very real? you see the universe have bad places and good places? in the cosmos there are good things and bad things? just like you see here on Earth?
 like i say nothing made out of nothing? the creator of the universe while creating the universe he/she toughts of everythings he/she created? everythings and give it great knowledge,
 before all beings he/she give knowledge to the universe? and then comos,then galaxy,planets but one of these things is hard at work and the name is our home the universe? the universe is working non stop? protecting all of us? you see stuff here on earth like storm and tornado? all of it are stuff that are inside the universe? you know when the tornado break out in the deep cosmos? know that the universe is also very electrical place so the moment the storm breaks out in space power the force is something you never seen before? it gets crazy it pull evrythings that gets in it way? these storm can even pull galaxy and planets inside off it?
 These storm started very small? and gets very big so they become what astronauts called here on earth black hole? these black hole are everywhere in the comos? there are lots of them just like you see here on earth many storm can hapen in many defferent places at the same time? so it also hapen in the cosmos? a black hole gets bigger when it meet another black hole? and together they become monster black hole? but don't wory because they are beings in the universe that work hard and fight agains these mosnter black hole? just but these black hole my even drink the intire universe one day?
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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