Thursday, March 20, 2014

The universe the birth place of life part 13

Even here on earth electrical power can create a storm or a tornado? this is how black hole started in universe in deep cosmos? in "the universe the birth place of life part 12" i mentioned the universe been an electrical places hmm did mentioned black hole in there too! now lets just imagine how black hole are create, first lets take an exemple with planet earth? planet earth have an incredible power of electricity? part of it created by man? and the other by nature like ocean forest volcano of course deep inside earth himself is the most powerful electrical place ?more powerful than the one created by human?
 know that every planets in the cosmos have super electrical power from within? the sun alone have more than, no let me guess even science do not know how much of electrical power that the sun have? I'll say the sun alone have enough power for all of the planet that are in the solar system? it make me think that the sun from the system solar that we see in our sky is probably the only sun like star in the universe? now it take me back to the black hole creations! think of all the planets in the universe and all of these planets have they natural electrical power? and if there are living beings in each planets and all of these beings reproduce electricity like we human do on earth? think about it in the universe of billions of galaxy planets are uncountable? so the power in the cosmos is beyond imaginable? believe it or not this is the power that created black hole? know that black hole them self create electrical power enough to drink any things that comes in they way? like planets,galaxy,comet,may-be the universe itself?
 It make me remember what Jesus says like the heaven and earth will pass but his word will never pass away? wauw black hole my finely drink it all one day...

Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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