Friday, April 18, 2014

Cosmic law & religion part 8

I don't understand there is no speed in space? times doesn't go in space the same way it does here on earth? the way times works here on earth does not works the same way in space? times goes way too fast in space than on earth? for example one year on earth is probably 10/100 years in space even more? in space times and speed are two different things? to understand how times works in space don't look at how times works here on earth? and don't look into speed? lets imagine that if there were speed in space as we know it imagine all things in the cosmos like galaxy,planets,comets,black hole,all going around like crazy with speed turning so fast you wouldn't even be able to stand on the ground of earth?
 oh and planets would all pump into each others so comets,galaxy it would be a big mess in space? like cars and air planes all going into different directions without respecting each others is own directions and pumping into each others? but somehow it doesn't happen in space planets are turning but not with speed, so galaxy are turning but not with speed so how does that works Gravitations?? sometimes you look up to the night sky you see the stars are moving going from a place to another are they doing this with speed as we know,or ???
 first i would travels with my imaginations just abet more so black hole doesn't go with speed? lets just says the universe is an giant electrical times machines! what would happen if all of the billions black holes from inside the universe would turn with speed? they would probably eat everything in the universe so life wouldn't even exist at all? so what make every things in space obey is own directions?? simple answers nothings! Accident happen in space all the times but not like planets,or galaxy heating each others? i must say the universe was very good programmed very well created the future human if there will be any here on earth will probably focus more on space religion than human of today? but is there any times left for for the human being to open they mind and see the space just a little different than earth? and use the cosmos with great care like a wise old universe!
 it take me to realise that one thing the creations of the universe didn't give humankind is times! because if times would works on earth like it works in space it probably means that human would have enough times to works a head faster  than times itself and destroy the space like earth? but luckily the cosmos is working fast ahead than human what means that 10 years knowledge technology here on earth is 1000 off years technology in the cosmos? so others beings in the cosmos shouldn't be afraid of humankind? just should make sure we don't use the abet of technology we know bad? because that is human origin bad? but don't worry because every times human do bad, they have the perfect excuse the word is am only human? only human? what more you want to be Animal,God,Aliens? Human a loving natural spiritual being. For every human s' heart today are very worrying? in a way mankind my be using technology in the very opposite way? will other beings in the cosmos take humankind in? let mankind be part of the cosmic religion? or use mankind ignorance against them self? or simply extinct mankind?
Note: please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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