Friday, April 11, 2014

Love marriage relationship advice part 7

When it come to any relationship/marriage the first thing you need is "trust" this is the best weapons you will be using when doubt and fears come to you. 70 percent of today couple are living with not trust, 90 percent have doubt with each others not only young peoples but adults too! i guess is because they do not talk very often about trust, forgetting that to have trust in couples you need to talk about trust  constantly! but i don't mean you have to constantly repeat to your partner everyday that you trust her/him, just have a nice chat about trust time,to times without let her/him feel like you have doubt!
99 percent couples today forget to communicated,or do not know how to really communicated, telling your partner how you feel, and what you think is important for the relationship/marriage! to have a good communication in a love/marriage/relationship try to know how your partner feel,how he/she think and most of all, know who is your partner before you says i do! going into a relationship/marriage can be hard, if you are the kind of person that are very proud about them self,or very confident of who you are! but if you want a love relationship/marriage to be easy you need to be open for communications, be humble be lovable, easy person is easy to love then a difficult person! My advice go into love/relationship/marriage with easy person,and humble towards he/her partner! and if you have a proud,confident partner learn to know they weakness, for every proud,confident person have they weakness heart! weakness heart are not some things to be ashamed of, in a relationship/marriage a partner with weakest heart could be very loving and a nice person! 99 percent couples of today when they see the weakness in they partners often see it as something  bad,or something to use against them,or abuse them because of it. My advice do not accept an abusive partner in any case! when it come to love/marriage/relationship be the one your partner can trust...

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