Sunday, April 20, 2014

the universe the birth place of life part 16

Human and the only species in the universe? no Human one of the uncountable species in the universe? has come this far without even know how he gets here? but he find himself here on earth? you see this species have no wonders? he is here and believe that earth is for him and the space is for him alone he started by doing strange things here on earth? slowly,a step by step he get to space through the cosmos and he doing strange things there too? space,cosmos are for him alone he can do what ever he want with? while man is in space the idea of him my not be alone in space doesn't come across his mind? see he forget that something,or someone my be watching him? so he goes on doing what he does with not single worry? there, they got him they are seen him from space to earth and now his get from the ground he get in space oh human is doing something in space is not the way he should do it they says lets send him a warning? but he doesn't care? he just do what he do best?
 (They) meaning other species from the universe are paying attentions to this species/human so they send a team to communicated with human on earth? first it was a meeting in the cosmos this meeting took place inside a planet this planet is like 12 times bigger than earth and this planet have all colours that you know here on earth around it, all colours and is very beautiful! the meeting was to talk about the human species in the meeting there were 33 species but the meeting went wrong because some species believe to be working hands to hands with the human? but others species know the intentions of this species is always very bad for they did this to another species? so they went on and protest saying that this species is not good for human species?
 there was not an agreement so the war begins in the cosmos the war is coming close to earth? is about time to get the human species involve of this war? but are human species willing to fight with the good species? that are fighting every day for human beings?!they these other species that is good for human see that some human are good and some are bad so they are selecting some human and leave some? it will be very hot on earth the heat will burn people due to super technology of these species vehicle there for the people they will select to save they will cover they home with special ice like snow and put these people to sleep for long time before wake up
 when its all over they will not take any human out of earth for human can't not survive in other planet? human should also pray for the safety of these good species they also know that human can't not fight with them now because human technology is not strong enough for this war? but they believe in human faith and determinations also human species is a very powerful natural,spiritual beings but because human are very distract by they system and are not concentrated make human species powerless they hope human will be more conscience and focus? is the only way human species can win this war and by been conscience human could be able to get contact with the creator the high beings and he will hear human prayer and he alone can win this war? they these beings also want human to know that human and them have the same creator that created human species also created these beings known here on earth as Aliens
 but the creator is not human like beings in fact they have never seen him because he always send messenger to all species he created? some species in the universe refuse to obey him they planets and galaxy was destroy by the creator's warriors and some had the technology to run and went elsewhere to star all over? these species want revenge against the creator but they will never win no matter how much they are or the power and the people species they collected? the creator knows what going on,on earth but he let it be for human disobedience towards him also human species is not yet at war with another universal species...
Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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