Sunday, April 27, 2014

Love relationship marriage advice part 8

When 99 percent of couple end up separated,or divorce today, i hope you will not be part of them these 99 percent often meet by the time they are lonely,or desperate,or often fantasize about the look of they future partner,or very curious!
 Sometimes they have dark sexual desire often leads them to the separations or divorce! but is not bad to have these sexual desire just don't begin your love/relationship/marriage with them,or don't take them out of your house, by the times you meet someone the first things you should do is start by seen him/her the way you see yourself,or the way you would like her/him to see you! the next things pay attention,and be the listener be a good friend be real,be true!
 Every couple need communication! but not just any
 communication like hi dear how was your day? or the children went to school today! communication can also be a spiritual thing, like touching each other hugging your partner, look at your partner with sweet eyes! don't forget to tell your partner about the sex/love last night,or last times was your best and mean it it is a good and normal communications for every love/relationship/marriage!
 take time to feel your partner,by being with your partner make it be the pleasure of your life! if you understand and feel yourself, you can also understand and feel your partner! if don't understand,or feel your partner you could end up like the 99 percent of today's couples,
 or be the 1percent of today's couples that last long times,to have so called forever love i know today life is not easy to have a peaceful heart,or soul the secret to it is once at home with your love one think about something that make you smile laugh with your partner it will make you happy see and feel the love in your heart in order to do the same with your partner! make the desire and pleasure of your partner be yours,be desperate to see your partner,fantasize of the touch of the skin on skin with your partner,be curious of your partner's love,be a spiritual love of your partner...

Note: sorry for the Adam & eve image these love/relationship/advice are for every couple thank you...

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