Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sings of change part 2

The truth is that it has always been the end of the world,or doomsday in the past you know the moon,or the stars,the sun didn't started these ends we all know human always started these so called end of the world? know that there is not end of the world,or end of days? the truth is that the days never ends,and the world never ends? because the planets still here and has always be and will always be? the so called doomsday should be called doomshuman,or doomsmankind?
 Either way mankind have to adknowledge that they created doomslife for them self here on earth, in the past human created war,flood,sword,guns ignorance,jealousy sex,money,and many,many more greed? that leads these species to his own extinction? every so called doomsdays that has happen in this world was nothing but the creations of mankind? but human do not want to take the blame? so human blame God for everything that happen to them? sometimes i wonder if human are a curse species? or could it be that planet earth is blood thirst world? you know like this round ball things is a blood sukkers? cause planet earth give life and take life too?
 One for sure this is not an happy world, not an immortal world? it make one wonder if this was an immortal world, that means human would be immortal too? and what would human be as immortal beings? would they still be this crazy they are? human please stop it with end of days stop it with crazy stuff like signs in the moon,stars,sun? the end of mankind is in the hand of mankind? not in the moon,stars,sun? if you need signs of doomsday look into mankind behaviour?... 

Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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