Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sad world part 2

Poverty do you know that near your home somebody is sleeping outside on the street? or that mother with children are leaving with no food? do you know in the country near yours there are children dying every second with hunger? do you know that the girl/woman that you past near on the street was a prostitute to feed her family? while you where leaving in your life did you knew that these kids in your world didn't have a school or cloth nor a future,nor food?
 No because these are not your problem? because it is not your fault? and you are not going to do anything about it? and you work hard for your good? oh things are the way they are? and you can't not change them? oh that is the way it should be according to you? the idea of a perfect world does not tell you anything? and does not even come across your head? oh if everybody would be rich it wouldn't be a good world? you know these rich people need those people in poverty?
 though the bible says that it would be very difficult for a rich man to inter heaven than a poor man but that is just some words written down in a book? so the idea that it have to be a heaven and a hell is a good idea? because it would be a good things for humankind? you know a place where the roles are reverse? the poor become the rich? and the rich become the poor? i don't mean all the rich are bad peoples, or that all the poor are good people?
 i guess it could be a way to make things ok
 here for everybody? for mankind is not a selfish beings? if human take a good look into other human they would see them self inside each other and would star feel each other as a great human beings?
 but too bad human lost feelings some where 2000+ years ago?
 poverty still have a long way to go? and is a great contamination for all? either we all chose to go on with poverty,or we all keep fighting for the power of richness? is all up to humanity? but for now humanity don't see the two road in front of them? chose,or take one? poverty? or richness? it is almost like happiness? or greed? love? or sadness? money? or humanity? one world? or divide world? leave it? or take it? Why suffering? because mankind making  it happen  making it possible?...

Note:please don't take these writings at heart am not an expert thank you...

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