Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cosmic law & religion part 9

The traffic in the cosmos when you see a big city like new york you can't just believe your eyes the traffic is incredible? you see cars,peoples,trains,metros, air planes, helicopters,things are moving everywhere imagine in the cosmos is just the same? or even worse just that the cosmos isn't a city! you see the traffic in the cosmos is amazing in the way there are comets,asteroid, stars,black hole,planets,galaxy,man made vehicle and extraterrestrials vehicle? known as UFO the cosmos is an non stop turning places?
 free for all in there with rules? just like in the city's there are light in the night!! in the cosmos there are light everywhere? all kind of different colours of light know that not only the stars like sun that give light in cosmos? all stars give light in the cosmos even in the darkest places there is light? just like you see the night sky with stars, the night sky give its light not because of the sun, but because of things like the moon,and stars?
 imagine been close to the moon in space you would have enough light to see every galaxy and planets? or imagine a cosmos where there are billions off moons orbiting planets? the cosmos would be illuminate  everywhere? also know that in cosmos there is no night,or day times? when you see photos of astronauts from space these photos always have colours? these colours are in every galaxy? even if you take photos of earth system solar from a long distance you would see that there are colours too? because these planets give light?
 galaxy or system solar become light from far away so why they says that if you go far away in deep space far from the sun you will not have any more light?
 I don't thing so because far away from the sun there are billions,or uncountable stars like the moon,or any stars with light? going abet deep with my imaginations! like in city's cars don't drive and burn fire the traffic would be disastrous? so it goes in space if comets would all goes and burn with fire every things would just be disastrous in cosmos? but asteroid just get fire when they are very close encounters? 
Its make you wonder if gravitation's stop fire? meanwhile human are discovering the cosmos step,by step the cosmos is our home we should be part of the cosmic religion it would help us transcend the Godly power of energetically light of the cosmos...

Note:these writings are only imaginations thank you...

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